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Find Herbert P. Bear

Welcome to our Club Penguin Herbert Tracker! We currently track Herbert on Club Penguin. Want to know where he is right now and how to find him? Read our guide on the best places and times to find Herbert on Club Penguin and refresh our Club Penguin Herbert Tracker as often as possible for the most updated location!


Herbert Tracker [Refresh Tracker]

Club Penguin Herbert Tracker


Herbert, like other Club Penguin mascots, visits a variety of servers during parties. Based on our statistics, we see him visit the following server groups during the following times:

  • 3am – 9am Penguin Time – Portuguese Servers
  • 9am – 11am Penguin Time – French Servers
  • 11am – 9pm Penguin Time – English Servers
  • 9pm – 3am Penguin Time – Offline


Since Herbert is the newest mascot in Club Penguin, we are unsure what rooms he is limited to. All mascots change their “room routes” during each party, but some can be guaranteed to visit particular rooms. For example, you can always count on Rockhopper to visit the Migrator, the Beach and the Pizza Parlor.


Player Card

When you meet Herbert you can click on him to open his player card.

You will know it is him as his character will be making a pose.

You can receive a free Herbert Background by clicking on the gift icon on his player card. The gift icon is the small box on the far left.

Join in

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