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Find Cece

Cece is visiting Club Penguin during the Ultimate Jam Party this year, keep an eye on our tracker and help out by joining our Club Penguin Cheats Forum!

We currently track Cece on Club Penguin. Want to know where she is right now?

If you see the room listed and log in to Club Penguin and he isn’t there, Cece may have simply moved rooms (and are likely still on the same server), so be sure to refresh the tracker to see the new location, as it can change second by second!

  • If the tracker says “Offline”, it means that our tracking systems are currently offline, but Cece may be online.
  • If the tracker says “Tracking”, it means that our tracking systems cannot confirm a location for Cece at the current time, so you’ll have to keep reloading the tracker and checking.
  • Finally, if the server name has “SP” after it, it is a Spanish server. If it has “PT” after it, it is a Portuguese server and if it has “FR” after it, it is a French server! Usually, it won’t say anything, so the default is English. If it tells you that it’s a foreign server, just select the language at the top of the page on Club Penguin and find the server!

Cece Tracker [Refresh Tracker]

Club Penguin Cece Tracker

Room and Server

During the Ultimate Jam 2012, we have found Cece on: Rainbow, Alpine, Big Surf, Sleet, Avalanche (English), Alaska, Abominable, Zero Grau (Portuguese), Deu Branco (Portuguese), Yeti (French), Yeti (Spanish), Flocon (French), Boreal (Portuguese), Floco De Neve (Portuguese).

She changes servers and rooms every few minutes, so you need to be up-to-date on tracking and change servers all the time to find her, while keeping an eye on our Cece Tracker.

Remember, Cece can be on multiple servers at once and can appear and disappear at any time. Our Club Penguin Cece Cheats tracker tries its best to keep up with Cece’s location, but when she’s on multiple servers, it may report incorrectly.

Player Card

When you meet Cece you can click on her to open her player card.

She will have crowds around him, and with the new buddy lists, there’s no way to check the users in the room list and check for her name there. You’ll simply have to wait for her to move around the room so you can click on her!

You will know it is her as her character will be making a pose look different than other penguins.

You can receive a free Cece Background by clicking on the gift icon on her player card. The gift icon is the second from the left, which looks like a brown shipping box.

As of October 2011, you can now add mascots to your buddy lists! Click the penguins icon on the far left of her player card to add Cece to your friends list. The great thing about adding her to your friend list is that the next time she is around, you can get her new background without actually having to meet her again!

Help out

So you want to help out all your fellow penguins and track Cece with the Club Penguin Insiders Cheats team? If so, please join our free forums here at CPI! Register now and let the tracking begin!