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We currently track Cadence on Club Penguin. Want to know where she is right now? Visit our “Club Penguin Official Cadence Tracking Thread” here on our Club Penguin Insiders forum!

We want to be sure that everyone meets Cadence, so make sure that you understand how the tracker works! When you first load the page, it may or may not have locked on to DJ Cadence’s location. There are three possibilities for the tracker once the Music Jam starts:

  1. Room and Server listed – Tracker has found Cadence.
  2. Room and Server “Searching…” – Tracker is active and searching for Cadence.
  3. Room and Server “Offline” – Tracker is currently offline.

If you see the room listed and log in to Club Penguin and she isn’t there, she may have simply moved rooms (and is likely still on the same server), so be sure to refresh the tracker to see her new location, as it can change second by second!

Finally, if the server name has “SP” after it, it is a Spanish server. If it has “PT” after it, it is a Portuguese server and if it has “FR” after it, it is a French server! Usually, it won’t say anything, so the default is English. If it tells you that it’s a foreign server, just select the language at the top of the page on Club Penguin and find the server!

Club Penguin Cadence Tracker [Refresh Tracker]

Cadence Tracker

Official Cadence Meeting Times for Club Penguin Hollywood Party

These times and servers are given to us directly from Club Penguin and are a guarantee that she will be on these servers at these times. They are your best chance to meet DJ Cadence!

  • Thursday, Feb 14th
    • 12:30 PM PST – Alpine
    • 3:00 PM PST – Big Surf
  • Monday, Feb 18th
    • 2:00 PM PST – Rainbow
  • Tuesday, Feb 19th
    • 8:15 AM PST – Iglu (German)
    • 9:00 AM PST – Fog
    • 1:00 PM PST – Frozen
    • 2:00 PM PST – Bubblegum
    • 5:00 PM PST – Slushy
  • Wednesday, Feb 20th
    • 6:00 AM PST – Yeti (Spanish)
    • 9:00 AM PST – Grizzly
    • 5:00 PM PST – Snow Angel

Room and Server

Cadence most frequently visits: Frozen, Mammoth, Sleet, and Blizzard.

Although she still can come on other servers, she tends to visit more popular servers.

DJ Cadence only hangs out at the Night Club, Dance Lounge or Rooftop, making her easier to find, but those areas become extremely crowded and full very quickly!

NOTE: For Ultimate Jam 2012, players have reported seeing her in Casa Fiesta, the member’s-only area, as well.

Player Card

As you can see from her player card, her name is Cadence, which is an interesting side note to finding her, as many people who haven’t ever met her don’t know her real name. Her most common misnomer is Candace, but we’ve also seen her called Candance, Candence, Candece, and many more variations! When someone is asking for a “DJ Candace Tracker” or “How do I find Candace?“, they are looking for Cadence!


When you meet DJ Cadence you can click on her to open her player card.

You will know it is her as her character will be making a pose.

You can receive a free DJ Cadence Background by clicking on the gift icon on her player card. The gift icon is the small box on the far left.

Help out

So you want to help out all your fellow penguins and track Cadence with the Club Penguin Insider team? If so, please join our free forums here at CPI! Register now and let the tracking begin!