Case of the Missing Puffles

We have all the cheats and walkthroughs for all of the PSA secret-agent missions on Club Penguin. If you want do see how to do the other secret agent missions, go to our Secret Agent Mission Cheats here on Club Penguin Insiders.

Here are step-by-step mission cheats for completing Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles.

You may be looking for the answer to the most popular question for this mission, which is: How many socks does G own? (Click the link to go to the answer for How many socks does G own directly).

Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles


1. Once you’ve accepted the mission, click on Aunt Arctic, who will tell you about her missing purple and green puffles.

2. Use your map (in the upper-left corner) or your spyphone, and click on the Ice Rink.


3. At the Ice Rink, scroll to the right, pick up the photos on the ice, and put them in your inventory.


4. Use your map again and go back to Aunt Arctic’s igloo.

6. Give Aunt Arctic the photos of her puffles. She’ll now trust you to help her find them.

5. Use your map, and go to the Pet Shop.

6. In the Pet Shop, scroll to the left and click the note pinned to the roof of the puffle house.


7. The note is in secret agent code, so you’ll need to click Code in the bottom-right corner to see the code translator.

8. We translate most of the note, but one part of the note is different each time you go on the mission. You will have to decode that part on your own.  The note says:  G HAS [you decode this part] PAIRS OF SOCKS. You have to decode how many pairs socks G has using the code translator. (We’ve decoded this example, which says “twenty eight”).


8. Go to the Sport Shop and talk with G.

9. When he asks you if he can get you something, click “Yes, please!

10. Then click “Do you have any SPECIAL items?

11. Gary will ask you how many socks he owns. Type your answer for how many pairs of socks G owns, from the secret message you decoded in the Pet Shop (the number of socks changes every time you go on the mission, so in your mission G may have a different number of socks!).


12. After you enter the correct number of socks, click “May I see some spy gadgets?” and G will show you some spy equipment.

13. Put the life preserver shooter and grappling hook in your inventory.


14. Go to the Iceberg.

15. Use the the life preserver shooter to launch life preservers to help the stranded penguins. Make sure you watch the wind direction and aim carefully. You have unlimited preservers, so keep trying!


16. Go to Ski Mountain.

17. Talk to the crying penguin who will tell you about his broken telescope.

18. Bring up your inventory, and click your spy phone.

19. Click the red-blinking light at the top of your spyphone. A few tools will fold out, click the Wrench.


20. Apply the wrench to the telescope to fix it.

21. Look through the telescope and scroll to the left to see the Aunt Arctic’s green puffle flying around the tallest mountain.

22. Use your map and click the Tallest Mountain.

26. Open your inventory and take out the Grappling Hook. Scroll up to the top and throw it to the highest part of the Tallest Mountain.


27. You’ll climb to the top of the mountain and you’ll find her green and purple puffle taking pictures!

28. Once you return Aunt Arctic’s puffles, you’ll be offered a medal of excellence!


Congratulations, you’ve completed Club Penguin PSA Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles!

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