Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Cheats

Basic Gameplay

Card Element

  • Water cards beat Fire cards – “The peaceful water, Brings its soothing harmony, And defeats fire.
  • Snow cards beat Water cards – “The white frigid snow, Brings with it the winter’s chill, And freezes water.”
  • Fire cards beat Snow cards – “Furious fire, Brings its mighty, scorching heat, And will melt the snow.

Card Power

  • Sometimes you will play the same element as your opponent. In such a case, the higher number on the card wins.

Special Cards


There is a special card in the basic deck that you are given from your first visit with Sensei, the “switch” card. It has a power of 10 and has a special effect of making the lowest-point-value card winning on the next hand.

Pay close attention to whether one of these cards was played in the last hand.

Other special cards

If you buy Card-Jitsu booster decks in stores, you get codes that can unlock other special cards, such as.

Winning a Card-Jitsu Battle

In the end, there are two ways to win a game of Card-Jitsu

1. Collect 3 of your opponents element cards of differing colors.

  • Win : Red Fire card, Red Snow card, Blue Snow card, Purple Water card
  • Not yet: Red Fire card, Yellow Fire card, Purple Snow card, Purple Water card (need either a Blue Snow card or Blue Water card)

2. Collect 3 of the same element of your opponents cards, each being a different color.

Mastering Card-Jitsu

The best overall strategy to becoming the best Card Jitsu player is to think like your opponent. That is, anticipate what their next move will be and try to counter it. Always playing the highest card in your hand will eventually win battles, but you can win many more much more quickly if you try and guess their next move. You must think logically by looking at what cards they have collected during the game and what card they may be trying to win with.

The first hand

Since neither player has won any hands, there is no way to guess what people will play. However, we have found that the Ice power card is the most common and is very often the first card played in a match – so start with fire!

The Alternate-Element Counter

Let’s say your opponent has won both 1 Fire card and 1 Ice card, what move should you make? You can bet that if your opponent has a water card, they’re going to play it to win the match, so you must counter by playing an Ice card to freeze the Water card.

The Same-Element Counter

In the same situation above, you can try a riskier move if you have a high-value card in that element (in this case, a Water card). You must be sure that you have a very high-value card (or if there’s a “switch”, a very low-value card) that you are almost certain will beat the player’s card.

Members Only Card-Jitsu

Card-Jitsu Fire

Card-Jitsu Fire was added to the Dojo as a members-only game in November 2009. It is a more complicated game, with multiple opponents instead of one-on-one.

Card-Jitsu Water

Card-Jitsu Water will be added to the Dojo as a members-only game in November 2010. Currently, the gameplay is unknown, but we will be adding a Card-Jitsu Water Cheats page as soon as it is released.