Club Penguin Card Jitsu Water Cheats

Card-Jitsu Water was added to Club Penguin on November 24th, 2010 as a members-only mini game in the Water Dojo. If you become a Water Ninja, you will be able to earn 5 different water ninja items that you can use to dress your penguin and you can also earn 8 new Card Jitsu Water stamps!

Enjoy our complete Club Penguin Cheats Guide for Card Jitsu Water and learn how to get the Water Suit quickly!

Getting Started

To start playing Card-Jitsu Water, log in to Club Penguin and make sure that your penguin is a member as this is a members-only minigame.

  1. Use your map to head to the Dojo Courtyard.
  2. Click on the Ninja Hideout on the left.
  3. Click on the Card-Jitsu Water stone on the right.
  4. Enter the Card-Jitsu Water entrance that appears to enter the Water Dojo.
  5. Click on Sensei at the top of the Water Dojo.
  6. Click “yes” to start talking to him.

Finding the Water Dojo

Sensei will give you basic instructions on how to play the game and will give you a Card-Jitsu Water Starter Deck. Then, you’ll be able to choose from 3 options:

  1. Earn your Water Suit
  2. Challenge Sensei
  3. Instructions

Start playing Card Jitsu Water by clicking Earn your Water Suit! There’s no need to waste your time practicing Card-Jitsu Water in the Water Dojo, just jump right in to earning your water suit and learn the game as you go along! You might be frustrated at first, but you will get the hang of it pretty quickly and be a master before you know it. If Card-Jitsu Water runs slow on your computer, scroll down for tips on how to make it go faster.

How to play Card-Jitsu Water

Card-Jitsu Water is much different than Card-Jitsu and Card-Jitsu Fire in that you aren’t playing your cards directly against the other penguins in the match. You are playing to get yourself to the gong ahead of the other penguins and should only worry about yourself and your next move. It is all about SPEED! The faster you clear each tile, the better!

Occasionally, you can play a bit more aggressively and cut off another penguin by playing a card to advance diagonally directly in front of them. Depending on what cards they have, they may end up stuck behind you and unable to advance (or they may not know they can play diagonally!). You should only do this when it presents itself, because if you go looking for such situations, it will slow you down and you’ll lose.

Game Basics

In order to play, quickly look at the tile directly in front of you, or on the diagonal, and remember the element (Fire, Snow or Water). Then look at the bottom of your screen where there are sliding cards and choose one to beat one of these 3 tiles. You can also play tiles to the side and behind you, but it doesn’t make progress to the gong.

You can play your card on any of these tiles

The basic 3 rules of Card-Jitsu apply:

  1. Fire beats Snow
  2. Snow beats Water
  3. Water beats Fire

Always try to pick the cards on the right, since those are about to disappear from your deck! Once you have picked a card, work quickly and click on its opposite element on the tile directly in front of you or diagonally.

Depending on your card power and the element intensity on the tile, you will either weaken the element or make it disappear. Once you remove the element, your penguin will automatically move to that tile.

Snow Tile Intensity

On each tile there are 4 element intensities: weak, medium, strong, ultimate.

You usually only see ultimate intensity if someone makes a mistake by stacking more of the element (or on purpose to block other penguins) or if someone uses one of the 10-power cards that deflects extra elements to surrounding tiles.

Once you clear the last tile, your penguin will jump onto the platform and kick the gong. After a few seconds, a giant wave will come and knock all of the other penguins off of the waterfall.  If you’re knocked off, your place in the match will be according to how close you were to winning compared to the other penguins who fell.

Power Cards

Power cards are cards that have a power of 10 or higher. They will also have a rippling effect on the edge of the card. Power cards have a secondary effect when you play them, a small portion of the card element bounces to surrounding tiles, which can either help or hurt you! If the tile in front of your target tile is the same element with weak intensity, the power card will clear a second tile. Hurry and make the jump, no card needed! This can give you a mighty advantage in a match.. it’s all about speed!

Snow power card bounce effect

Playing a power card can also hurt your progress if the surrounding tiles are the same as your power card. The power card will bounce to the surrounding tiles and build up the intensity of the elements. The image above demonstrates playing a snow power card and what effect it has on the surrounding tiles (minus means decrease intensity, plus means increase intensity).

How to win Card-Jitsu Water

Now that you know the basics of how to play and have tried a few games, you might be frustrated with how you’re doing in the game. It takes some getting used to and learning how the game works, but we have some great tips and Card Jitsu Water tricks that we discovered that helped us earn our Water Suit and beat Sensei within a few hours! Follow our Card-Jitsu tips here on our Card Jitsu Water Walkthrough to get the Water Suit faster! With our cheats, you can win card jitsu water every time!

Speed up Card-Jitsu Water

One of the biggest and most common complaints we’ve seen so far is “card jitsu water is slow“. You can speed up your game two ways and we’ve found that it will give you the biggest advantage on Card-Jitsu Water than anything else!

First, load up Club Penguin in “small screen” mode. Once you are in, press the “+” key on your keyboard to enter low-resolution mode. The lines will look much more jagged, but you can still see what’s going on, and the speed boost is incredible!

Skip the animations

Since it’s going to take about 200 1st place wins of Card-Jitsu Water to earn the full Water Suit and battle Sensei, you may want to get through it faster so you can try out all the cool stuff. We found that you can skip the animation sequence of the wave at the end, but still earn the points toward your water suit. This saves at least 10 seconds per game.

Once your penguin jumps and kicks the gong, just click the X in the upper-right and you’ll end up back in the Water Dojo with the points for the win and can start up again right away!

Card-Jitsu Water Prizes

Water Suit

After you win enough Card-Jitsu Water games, you will earn Water Ninja items which are all of the pieces of the Water Suit. The legend for the Water Ninja items is shown in the game, but it doesn’t tell you how long it takes to earn each item. Since we’ve earned all of them, we kept track of the numbers of wins and have compared it with others.

The following chart is the number of wins per item, so to earn all 4 items for the Water Suit, you need a total of 200-210 1st place wins:

  • Wave Sandals (9-10 wins)
  • Waterfall Coat (25-30 wins)
  • Torrent Mask (55-60 wins)
  • Helmet of Oceans (100-110 wins)

Water Gem

The Water Gem is earned once you have earned the entire Water Suit by clicking on “Challenge Sensei” and beating him in a one-on-one match in Card-Jitsu Water. It is your official prize for becoming a Club Penguin Water Ninja and is placed inside your amulet.

You cannot beat Sensei in Card-Jitsu Water if you do not have all 4 pieces of the Water Suit. If you challenge him before doing so, he will have supernatural abilities in the game and win the game faster than you can imagine and you will lose every time. Once you have the Helmet of Oceans, he’ll be a normal player and you should be able to beat him on the very first match!

Water Suit Special Dance and Wave

One of the best reasons to earn all of the Water Ninja items is that you can do a special Water Ninja dance and Water Ninja wave on Club Penguin! If you put on the Wave Sandals, Waterfall Coat, Torrent Mask and Helmet of Oceans, clicking Dance and Wave will give you special abilities!

Water Suit Special Dance Move

Water Suit Special Wave Move

Club Penguin Water Ninja Dance

The dance move has a swirling water element circling your penguin. It’s a very cool effect that keeps going until you move your penguin to somewhere else or stop the dance move.

Club Penguin Water Ninja Wave

The wave move is a sequence where your penguin starts to wave, then a cloud forms over its head. The cloud rains on your penguin and then all of a sudden your penguin becomes invisible. You will stay invisible until you move your penguin or do another action.

Card-Jitsu Water Stamps

There are 8 Card-Jitsu Water stamps and you’ll earn most of them as you complete your Water Suit without any extra effort.

  1. Gong! – Win a match and sound the gong
  2. Watery Fall – Take the plunge! Fall off the Waterfall
  3. Water Expert – Win 100 matches
  4. Water Midway – Earn the coat. Finish 50% of your Water Ninja journey
  5. Water Suit – Complete your Water Suit
  6. Water Ninja – Defeat Sensei and become a Water Ninja
  7. Two Close – Drift to the edge twice and still win the match
  8. Skipping Stones – Clear 28 stones of any element in a match

Skipping Stones stamp

The only stamp that we had to try for was the Skipping Stones stamp and we have a simple, but effective strategy to earn the stamp. In more than one of your matches, you’ll end up seeing the other 3 penguins fall off the waterfall leaving you completely alone in the game to get all the way to the gong. This is the perfect time to earn the Skipping Stone stamp!

Since you have no pressure to beat the other penguins, just jump around and clear the stones without winning the match and kicking the gong. After you clear 28 stones (it seems like a lot of stones when you do it, trust us!), you’ll see the stamp dialog pop down from the top of your screen and you can go ahead and win the match!

Two Close stamp

Many of our members have been asking how to get the Two Close stamp. What you need to do is let yourself fall back to the last row of tiles. Before you go over the edge, advance a few rows forward and let yourself fall back again. Then, advance to the end and hit the gong. To earn this stamp, you must be the one to win the round!

The best time to earn this stamp would be the same time that you are trying to earn the Skipping Stones stamp (when you’re the only one left playing). This way, you can fall all the way behind to the edge, without worrying about someone getting ahead of you to hit the gong first!

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