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Hi guys, here is an update to tell ya I'm working happily at infinity ward to make the next call of dutys! Updated 13 Feb · 1 comments

About Me





And lots of others!







CP accounts:

Jackhammerx (test's stuff)


Tv shows I like:

MacGuyver( This used to be a tv series back in the 1980's!)

The history of the dark ages!

GetSmart( Ge i sure do like to watch old shows cuz this show first aired in the 1960's!)

Transformers Dark of the moon


Spy Kids(4 all the time in the world.)
Sites ive made:

The kidz fourm:http://thekidsfourmf...m.com/index.php Club Penguin cheats pro's: http://cpcheatspros.....com/index.html
HELLO CPI PEOPLE OF TOMORROW! HELLO PEOPLE OF 2015! IT IS AN HONOR TO MEET SOMEONE FROM THE FUTURE, THIS WAS POSTED IN 2012, IF CPI LASTS LONG TO 2015, THEN HELLO ALL FUTURE PEOPLE, YOU ARE THE NEXT GENERATION ON CPI! oh and more info, btw, NEVER ask me a truth or dare q, cuz if i pick truth, and it's an embarrassing truth then because according to the Fith Amendment I don't have to tell you anything without my lawyer present!! Wait...do I have a lawyer? Well even if I did I still don't have to answer according to the United States bill of rights!! Oh ya, I'm in U.S.A. Oh ya and Fang and Think noodles on this forum are the top admin's. Wait, I'm talking to 2015 people, Fang and Thinknoodles might not be in the whole "cpi" thing anymore and passed it on to someone else... Well, in witch case If you do see these "fang" and "thinknoodles" on you be reminded that they are the TRUE founders. Well 2015 people, you know that page at the top of the forum called "Awards" well right now here in 2012 that page is blocked from our access, if sometime in the future it is open to you 2015 people, then your lucky! I've never been able to see that page before! And 2015 people, if by any chance you have flying cars and robots to do your chores then TELL MEH! I need a chore robot bad. But that's not till a long time any way sooooo, how is it being in the future? (lol, it will take like 3 years for u to answer that question cuz your all the way in 2015)
I'm trying to make this the long about me in cpi, so this will go on FOREVER! Alright, so I have one pet, he's a male shizu and is really fluffy, and bit me on my face like four days before I posted this. I have one sibling, he is a male, well to tell you the truth, I don't know what he is, and is VERY annoying. My Mom is our teacher, she home schools me and my brother! And my Dad, Is at work while we are homeschooling. That's for my family. My next door neighbors are two boys (I am too) and we usually play in the giant whole we dug. Two houses down from me is another boy, me and him like to play football and jackpot. We sometimes go in his room and play PS2, he has a brother, that I also play with a lot. Those where some of my "off internet" BFF's
Things that where weird that happened a long time ago:
A turtle came into our backyard, and my mom named him "speedy".
A potato fell out of the sky onto my head, It turned out that my next door neighbors where playing a prank.
My dad shot a rat one day and a vulture came darting right out of the sky and grabbed it.
Fav shoes: Hi-tops
Fav shirt: Grey shirt.
Fav TV-show: Shark Tank
Fav food: Speggiti (spelled that wrong.)
Fav drink: Pepsi
Fav sport: Swimming
Fav thing to do online: CP,CPI,WEBSITES, and TUNS of other things, I am a online FREAK!
Fav pants: Geans
Fav theme park: Six Flags (have not been there, going in june 2012! Can't wait! It's my fav cuz I've seen pics of rides!
Fav U.S. Amendment: The 5th.
Fav type of car: Yugo
Fav sock color: white
Fav Bible verse: John 3-16.
Fav Seasoning: Salt
Fav liquid other than Pepsi: Vinagar
Fav website: http://indianahart.homestead.com/
Fav place: Route 66 (have not been there, hopeing to though)
Fav color: Blue
Fave color besides blue: Red
Fav admin on cpi: Thinknoodles
Fav Mod on cpi: not many to choose from.
Fav BFF on cp: Tigerman55
Many, many people have tried to have the longest "about me" on club penguin insiders, and I'm going to try to make mine the longest. It's unlikely as many about me's out there are very long! Well I shall change that today, well, not today, this mite take about....what, 7 days compared to the longest one now? I don't know, but what I do know, longest or not, I'll try. It mite take seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, 100 years or even a Millennium! I am daring to go on with such a hard task of making the longest about me! It would suck if It was almost the longest, just one more letter, and I gave up, That would be wierd and that would suck. So that's why I wont give up! Through rain,shine,snow,hail,earthquake....wait, earthquake? Okay maybe not that but I will do it through any OTHER kind of weather. Exept tornados. Tornados, earthquakes and thats all. And the end of the World, OKAY!!! Tornados, earthquake and end of the World, other that those things I will never give up. The next section will be about how I love chips. I love chips!
I love chips, chips rule, but the best chips, are the rainbow ones. Ah the rainbow ones, so crunchy, so thin, so tasty, so big. They would whisper to me a little chip song. Like this, listen....OHHHHHHH I love CHHHHHIIIIIPPPSS!!! They are so rainbow yummy-ish! OH I LOOOOOOOVVVEEE CHIIIPPPPSSSS!! They are so yummy!!!!!!!! OHHHHHH I LOVE CHIPS SO MUCH!!!! THEY ARE SO WONDERFULL!! I LOVE CHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSS! Cool song? I thought not. Anyway that shows you I LOOOVE chips!
That has expressed my love for chips! As you can see I like the rainbow ones! Any way this section here is based on security cameras! I like Them cuz they can move, and they look....BOX-IE! And I was born liking them, LITARLY, When I was born, in the hospitable, There was a cam, I saw it moving, and I laughed! I liked it from the start. It's true, I'm not lying, I like security cameras! Any way, They are cool to me.
HEY!! I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING TO MAKE MY ABOUT ME LONGER! I'll put how many drinks i've drank! Okay.
Fruit Shoot
Orange Juice
Fruit punch
Capri Sun
Mountain Dew
and.....Wait, this list will go on FOREVER. I guess I'll stop. Here are the food's: (not all)
PB & J
Gold Fish (snack food, not living thing)
Gold Fish (Real thing, not snack food)
(lol, see what I did there?)
Now it's in a new font and larger!! Here is a conversation I made up:
Mack: Hey Darrel!
Darrel: sup Mack?
Mack: Nothinq much just chilli'n!
Darrel: I see..
Darrel: Wan't to play video games?
Mack: Sure! Beats just chilli'n!
Mack: woa, these games are fun dude!
Darrel: Thx It was hard work getting the money to buy these.
Mack: How did you get the cash?
Darrel: Well It all started so long ago *does flashback*
Mack: Dude, you know I can't see it right?
Darrel: You Cant? Oh well.
Mack: OH! You won the game great job!
Darrel's mom: Darrel, time for dinner!
Darrel: Coming mom
Darrel: Bye mack I gtg.
Mack: GTG? We are not online, Darrel.
Darrel: Yes we are.
Mack: Ya right!
Darrel: We are, Look! People are looking at us!
Mack: Your right!
Mack: Cool.
Darrel: And look our creator! Quigley8!!
Mack: Awesome!
Darrel: Thanks for creating us quigley!
Darrel's mom: Dinner, you, NOW!!
Darrel: Okay mom!
Mack: bye darrel.
Darrel: Bye mack!
Both: Bye quigley!
Nice conversation? Great, This is turning out to be a long about me! The next section is about cheeseburgers!
Cheeseburgers are yummy, cheeseburgers make you want more
when you want more, you eat more
when you eat more, you spend all your money on them
when you spend on your money on them you become poor
when you become poor you grow a beard
when you grow a beard you start living in a trash can
when you start living in a trash can your next door neighbor is a cat
when your next neighbor is a cat you can barely sleep
when you can barely sleep you get tired
when you get tired you become crazy
when you become crazy you buy a hockey mask and a chain saw
when you buy a hockey mask and a chain saw you break glass and rob a store
when you break glass and rob a store you go to jail
when you go to jail you escape
when you escape you go back to living in the trash can
when you go back to living in a trash can you want a companion
when you want a companion you steal a baby
when you steal a baby he grows
when he grows he matures
when he matures he robs a bank
when he robs a bank he uses his money
when he uses his money he buys some cheeseburgers
when he buys some cheeseburgers he wants more
when he wants more he...
"well was that an interesting story? I'm glad!" The next section is about patatos in grass skirts!
There was ounce, a hula potato in a grass skirt, everyone in the potato kingdom relied on this one potato! Why? We shall see..... the potato set of on a quest to defeat the potato gulper! THE MOLE!! So he looked at his map and...he was there! The first stop, the great pit of snakes! He gets a rope, flings it to the other side...and walks on it! He walks until he is on the other side of the great pit. Then he runs off to the next stop, The mountain de-lava! But, instead of climbing the trutures planes of mountain de-lava, he just walks around it. That was the last stop, the mole must be ahead! There it was standing before him....the potato got out his sword as sharp as a male adult's shark tooth! AND......the mole eats him. "Did you like that story about the grass skirt potato?" This next one is about a penguin in a beta hat.
There was ounce a penguin in a beta hat, he was very very rare, people would crowd up and ask him to be their friend! But one day...He was BANNED!! People mourned over his banning, but little did they know that to many people tried to hack the beta's account....so he got himself banned! So the others banned themselves to because of the beta. Was that a sad story?? No? It was not? OKAY!
COOL GIF I MADE: http://makeagif.com/i/zMDaXU


Welcome to Quigley theatere!!! Today we are going to review the making of the previos

GIF, I made it with a Genarator okay!!

So I can't make GIF's on my

own but big deal!?!

"you might be wondering what that was about

well, I have no idea..."





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