How to edit your Club Penguin Stampbook

customize your stampbook

Customising your Club Penguin stampbook is quick and easy! Read the following guide and show off your favourite stamps and redesign the book to suit your style! Thanks to our forum user “Green Diamond” for helping to create the following guide.

Note: You must be a Member to be able to edit your Club Penguin Stampbook


1. Open you playercard by clicking on your penguin.

2. Click on the stamp icon in the bottom-left corner of your player card as shown:


3. Once your stampbook pops up, click on the little pencil in the bottom-right corner(This should lead you to an edit-board):

club penguin stamp cheats

Click the small yellow pencil icon to edit.

4. It’s time to decorate your stambook with stamps. At the top you will see a row with stamps use the arrows to search for the stamps you want to put on the cover. To make your search for stamps easier you can click on the stamp in the top-left corner and select a stamp category.
add stamps to club penguin stampbook cover

Click and drag your favourite stamps to the cover

5. You can now change the colour, pattern, highlight and icon of your stampbook by clicking the boxes under each label on the sidebar in Club Penguin.
6. Once you have finished working on your stampbook you will need to save it. You can do this by clicking the disk icon in the bottom-right corner.
club penguin stamp cheats

Click the disk icon to save your stampbook.

Thanks for reading Club Penguin Insiders guide on how to edit your stampbook. If you have any questions, leave a comment and we will try our best to answer them!