Club Penguin Mission Cheats

Club Penguin has two different types of missions. The old Club Penguin missions are the Club Penguin PSA (Penguin Secret Agent) Missions and the new weekly Club Penguin missions are the EPF (Elite Penguin Force) Missions. We have Club Penguin mission cheats for both types of missions.

  1. PSA Mission Cheats
    1. Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles – Aunt Arctic has lost her two puffles. Your mission is to go out and rescue them.
    2. Mission 2: G’s Secret Mission – G has a new invention and your job is to test it. After crashing in the middle of the wilderness, you must escape and return to Club Penguin.
    3. Mission 3: Case of the Missing Coins
    4. Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue
    5. Mission 5: Secret of the Fur
    6. Mission 6: Questions for a Crab
    7. Mission 7: Clockwork Repairs
    8. Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors – There are earthquakes all over Club Penguin. Track the source of the quakes and stop them!
    9. Mission 9: Operation Spy and Seek
    10. Mission 10: Waddle Squad
    11. Mission 11: The Veggie VillainAnother incident has been reported involving Herbert P. Bear. Are you ready for the big showdown?
  2. EPF Mission Cheats
    1. “Signal Detected” – Match the Frequency
  3. Field Ops TrackerTracks the current Club Penguin Field Ops automatically. Updates every 5 minutes — be the first to know about it!

This page is updated with the most current Club Penguin mission cheats and will be updated every time a new Club Penguin mission is released.