Club Penguin Insiders – Igloo Designer

Club Penguin Igloo Ideas Do you love furnishing Igloos? Plenty of igloo design ideas you want to try out and experiment? If you’re a non-member or a member without many coins, building your dream igloo can be rather impossible! Club Penguin Insiders presents the new Club Penguin Igloo Designer. Select from every igloo possible and every single furniture item ever released! Build your own igloo, that you’ve always wanted to design! Be sure to post a picture of it when you’re done!

It’s simple to use.
First select the type of Igloo you want.
Click on Furniture Catalogue and choose one of the 3 buttons on the left to start adding items!
Use the arrows to navigate through the catalogue.
If you want to change your igloo, press Change Igloo, all your items will remain.
Click and drag to move items, and click on them to show their options.

Once you taken made your igloo. Share an image of it with us below or on our Club Penguin Forums