Club Penguin Insider Time Machine

Travel back in time through Club Penguin and visit rooms you have never seen before! The Club Penguin Insiders Time Machine lets you revisit old and retired Club Penguin rooms through a collection of SWFs and images. Discover how Club Penguin has changed over time and remember your early days in Club Penguin with this awesome tool.

Time Machine Control Panel

First, select the year which you wish to view. The next box will then fill up with parties from that year. Next to each party is the number of SWFs we have for that party. You can then choose the room you want to see! If the party has its own music and we have the music you will hear it in the background.

If you have links to SWFs we don’t currently have or have suggestions for new rooms, just leave a message in the comments below.

Click to show/hide the penguin