Thin Ice Cheats

How to Play Thin Ice

Thin Ice is an arcade minigame in Club Penguin that can be found above the Dance Lounge. To play Thin Ice, bring up your map in Club Penguin and then click on “Town”. Waddle in to the Dance Club and go upstairs. You should see the Thin Ice arcade game on your upper right, click on it to start the game.

Thin Ice Cheats

The objective of Thin Ice is to direct the Fire puffle across the ice blocks, melting each tile as you pass it. You will get bonuses with extra coins if you melt all the tiles in the level for a perfect completion.

There are 9 stamps that you can earn in Thin Ice and if you use our Thin Ice Cheats, you’ll earn all the stamps, and complete every level of Thin Ice perfectly. From then on, you’ll earn double coins every time you play Thin Ice!

19 Level Playlist Video

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