Club Penguin Catalog Cheats 2014

Club Penguin comes out with new catalogs every month, and along with the new items in each catalog, there are also a number of Club Penguin Catalog Cheats in each one. The catalog cheats are released on a schedule every month in 2014. All of Club Penguin Catalogue Cheats are shown below, along with links to pages containing the latest cheats for 2014!

  • Penguin Style Cheats 2014 (Clothing Catalog) – The new Penguin Style Catalog Cheats are released within the first few days of every month. Use our cheats to get all of the rare clothing items in the catalog.
  • Igloo Catalog Cheats 2014 (Igloo Upgrades) – The Igloo Catalog Cheats are released every two months. Use our Igloo Catalog Cheats to be the coolest penguin in Club Penguin with rare Igloos!
  • Furniture Catalog Cheats 2014 (Better Igloos) – The new Furniture Catalog Cheats (formerly known as the Better Igloos Catalog Cheats) are released every month around the middle of the month. Use our cheats to get rare furniture items to put in your igloos!
  • Puffle Catalog Cheats 2014 – The Puffle Catalog Cheats (Pet Catalogue Cheats) are not released every month.
  • Snow and Sports Catalog Cheats 2014 – The Snow and Sports Catalogue Cheats are released every few months.