Club Penguin Cheats 2014

Here is a list of Club Penguin cheats including Club Penguin cheat codes, and Club Penguin Money Cheats. This page has been updated! All of the Club Penguin cheats work now, and a ton more have been added. New cheats are being added frequently, so check back for more. Anyways, let’s get started.

Paint By Letters Book coin cheats

Books on shelf – click to enlarge

Many penguins don’t know about the Paint By Letters books in the bookshelf in the Book Room above the Coffee Shop. There are 3 books there that will give you 3 different coin rewards for completing the game. All you have to do is type out the words as they appear on the page. You don’t have to put any punctuation or capitalization, just the letters!


To do these games, just go to Coffee Shop, then climb the stairs to the Book Room. Then, click the books on the top of the book shelf, as shown on the right!

Paint by letters coins

  1. “My Puffle” Paint By Letters coin cheat – 50 coins.
  2. “Burnt Out Bulbs” Paint By Letters coin cheat – 220 coins.
  3. “Lime Green Dojo Clean” Paint By Letters coin cheat – 160 coins.


Perfect Score Bonus for Bean Counters

Perfect Score – Click to enlarge

  1. Go to the Coffee Shop in Town.
  2. Play Bean Counters and get a perfect score for 60 coin bonus!

Club Penguin EPF Stealth Gear Cheat

  1. Buy all 4 pieces of the EPF Stealth Gear.
  2. Put on all 4 pieces of the Stealth Gear.
  3. Press “D” or click the Dance button to transform!

EPF Stealth Gear Dance Cheat

Dance while wearing Stealth Gear

Club Penguin Telescope Dance Cheat

Club penguin telescope dance cheat

Dance while wearing Pirate Gear

  1. Put on the following 3 pieces of clothing: The Pirateer (Hat), Telescope, Crow’s Nest Vest.
  2. Press “D” or click the Dance button to swing your telescope in the telescope move!

Club Penguin Codes

We currently have 35 Club Penguin codes that anyone can enter for free! There are a few types of Club Penguin codes that you can use to unlock different items — Book Codes, Coin Codes, and Toy Codes (Treasure Book Codes), and Club Penguin Membership Codes. We’ll teach you how to use all of these Club Penguin codes.

  • Club Penguin Codes – Club Penguin releases free item and free coin codes a few times each month. Anyone can enter these on their account and they never expire!
  • Club Penguin Book Codes – Club Penguin publishes a new book a few times per year and adds it to their Book Codes database. We have Club Penguin Book Codes for every book, and you earn 2000 coins per code!

Club Penguin Catalog Cheats

Club Penguin comes out with new catalogs every month, and along with the new items in each catalog, there are also a number of Club Penguin Catalog Cheats in each one. The catalog cheats are released on a schedule every month in 2013. All of Club Penguin Catalogue Cheats are shown below, along with links to pages containing the latest cheats for 2013!

  • Penguin Style Cheats 2013 (Clothing Catalog) – The new Penguin Style Catalog Cheats are released within the first few days of every month. Use our cheats to get all of the rare clothing items in the catalog.
  • Igloo Catalog Cheats 2013 (Igloo Upgrades) – The Igloo Catalog Cheats are released every two months. Use our Igloo Catalog Cheats to be the coolest penguin in Club Penguin with rare Igloos!
  • Furniture Catalog Cheats 2013 (Better Igloos) – The new Furniture Catalog Cheats (formerly known as the Better Igloos Catalog Cheats) are released every month around the middle of the month. Use our cheats to get rare furniture items to put in your igloos!
  • Puffle Catalog Cheats 2013 – The Puffle Catalog Cheats (Pet Catalogue Cheats) are not released every month.
  • Snow and Sports Catalog Cheats 2013 – The Snow and Sports Catalogue Cheats are released every few months.


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