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Club Penguin Book Code Cheats


So you need a few extra coins on Club Penguin and don’t have time to play a game to earn them? Look no further! We maintain an updated list of Book Codes and you can unlock items and coins on Club Penguin! If you have a Club Penguin Book Code that isn’t listed here, please contact us so we can share it!

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Using Club Penguin book codes

unlock club penguin book codesYou don’t need access to the actual Club Penguin book if you have our Club Penguin Book Cheats! In order to use a Club Penguin Book Code, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Club Penguin login page.
  2. Click the “Unlock Items Online” button on the lower-left of the island.
  3. Log in the penguin that you want to add coins or items to.
  4. Click the “I have a book” button.
  5. Select one of the books.
  6. Use our Club Penguin book codes list below and enter the code that goes with the page number and word number!
  7. Enjoy the free stuff!

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Club Penguin Book Codes

English book codes

The ultimate official guide to club penguin
The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin
club penguin stowaway cheatsClub Penguin Stowaway! Adventures at Sea Inventors Apprentice Book Cover
The Inventor’s Apprentice
Club Penguin Secret Agent Handbook
Secret Agent Handbook
Star Reporter Book Codes
Star Reporter
Logo for the official stage playbook
The Official Stage Playbook
The Great Puffle Switch Block
The Great Puffle Switch
the awesome official guide codes cheats cp
The Awesome Official Guide to Club Penguin

Dancing with Cadence

Card-Jitsu Handbook

Club Penguin: Official Annual 2012

Before Card-Jitsu: The Ninja Quest
Puffle Whisperer Book Codes
Puffle Whisperer

Club Penguin: Official Annual 2013
Epic Guide Codes
The Epic Official Guide to Club Penguin
PH’s Great Puffle Search
agent-rookie-book-coverAgent Rookie’s Secret Mission

Portuguese Book Codes

Aprendiz de inventor cover
O Aprendiz De Inventor
O guía official de club penguin cheat codes
O Guia Oficial Do Club Penguin
O Super Reporter Book Codes
O Super Reporter
Um Dia De Puffle Codes
Um Dia De Puffle
O Passageiro Clandestino Codes
O Passageiro Clandestino
Dancando Com Cadence Codes
Dancando Com Cadence
Antes do Dojo: A Jornada Ninja
Manual do Desafio Ninja

Unfortunately, we only have physical copies of the Club Penguin Book Codes for the English books, so Um Dia de Puffle, O Super-Reporter, O Guia Oficial da Club Penguin, O Passageiro Clandestino, O Aprendiz de Inventor and Dancando com Cadence have very few cheats and codes. If you have the correct codes for these books, or any other Club Penguin Storybook Codes we’ve missed, please contact us and submit them!