Announcement: CPI Reunion / New Year’s Celebration!


Hi everyone! I’m proud to announce that we’re having the first ever CPI Reunion in combination with a New Year’s Celebration Party coming up this January on the 2nd! We’ll be enjoying the party both on Club Penguin at the servers listed above (Ice Breaker, Icicle, Ice Cold, and Ice Palace) and on the Club Penguin Forums! A whole bunch of forum members have already RSVP’d, as a matter of fact! It would be a pleasure to have you at the party as well! We will also be giving out 1-week Club Penguin memberships to forum members for use during the party. Although legacy and active members will receive memberships first, you still might be able to receive one if you become a member (which requires 10 posts after creating your account), and post on this topic introducing yourself and RSVP’ing! Although the party is going to be taking place for just four hours on January 2nd, certain CPI Members will plan on being there earlier and later than the set party time! The party will start on Ice Breaker. If this server becomes full, we’ll also celebrate on the other three Club Penguin Servers.

What do you think of the Reunion / New Year’s Party? Let us know in a comment! We hope to see you at the party! Until then, waddle on!

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  • heidi this anywhere on this site 3 times
    .2 login to club penguin
    3. go on sever blizzard
    4. if full go on to any sever exept the ones with safe chats
    5. type in bar code ERROR CODE 7
    6. you now have 1,000,000 coins 50 items from the treasure book, forever membership and 50 rainbow puffles

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