Club Penguin Hidden Pin — Stone Scissors Pin Cheat!

stone scissors cp pin Club Penguin Hidden Pin — Stone Scissors Pin Cheat!Hey Club Penguin Insiders! Club Penguin has hidden the newest pin cheat for January 9, 2013  – the Stone Scissors Pin!

Use these Club Penguin Cheats to get the Stone Scissors Pin (released January 9, 2013):

  1. Pull up your map in Club Penguin and make your way to Forest.
  2. Click the Stone Scirssors pin at the top of your screen.

This pin is definitely themed for the upcoming Prehistoric Party, what do you think they will change it to when the new party starts?

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  • Harrymaz


  • Tully

    post this anywhere in this site eleven time’s

    1 login to cp

    2 go to server alaska

    3 type in the chat box error code ten

    4 you will recieve the following all item’s forever membership and all items in treasure book

    • Harrymaz

      did not work

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