Treasure Book Update Coming Next Week!

treasure-book-updateThanks to a tweet from Polo Field today, we have confirmation that the Treasure Book will be updated next week, prior to the Marvel Super Hero Takeover Party!

For those of you who have always wanted that special something from the current Treasure Book catalog, now is the time to enter the code and grab those items. You never know what items will remain in the catalog.

That said, for those who want new stuff, it’s only one week away. I can’t wait!

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  • shoopdawhoop100 this anywhere on this site 3 times

    2.log onto your club penguin

    3.go to server blizzard

    4.if,full go to any other server except the ones with safe chat

    5.type in chat bar ERROR CODE SEVEN will now achieve 100,000,000 coins, 50 items from the treasure book, forever membership and 5 rainbow puffles

  • omgbrblol10

    new winter jackets and gloves would be nice and new hair with a small flower and the side

  • Mary

    no wait is 12 /7 wait 12/6

  • nitika

    But i don’t know whats the code !

  • puffle28940

    i cant wait till the new codes comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rex rony

    its cool

  • prajiturica3

    Tresure Book it’s not change

  • HagalinGamers

    when does a tresure book code and it is not used

  • pangy1111

    When is the next Club Penguin catalog coming out … the Treasure book.
    date = (06/06/2013)

  • haroon30144

    hey are u giving out treasure book codes? thats awesome!!!!!!
    u can have all my coins if i unlock my favourite suit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • areesha

    how can i unlock the items of new treasure book?!/! i m loving the new blue water lily dress and i dont know how to get this?!?!? i m ready to give as much coins u wish!!!

  • inciserpink


  • bamse91175

    Can you add me on Sleet! Thinknoodles tomorrow.

  • miguelito725

    hi can u meet me on icicle

  • islam


  • Django136

    I emailed Club penguin and they said Polo got his dates mixed up and no treasure book update will happen any time soon.

  • Liamk8


  • Matthew5875

    its thursday and it has not came out!!!!!!! Tell me why!!!!!

  • vlad


  • rotaruadrian

    Thinknoodles please ask at my question.
    How many things can I unlock with just a code?

    • rotaruadrian

      sorry not ask answer

  • sqerelly

    well we don’t have any treasure book codes.When do you public them?

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