Mascot, Friend Igloo Glitch – Make Any of Your Friends Appear in Your Igloo!

Hey everyone! During last week’s Think Thursday video, some people had mentioned that they saw me just pop up in their igloos randomly on different servers and had screenshots to prove it. I couldn’t understand how this was happening until I saw some information about a little glitch that has to do with your friend list and changing your igloo background. By using the glitch, I was able to take the screenshot below in my igloo.


That’s me with Herbert (but no polar bear skin), Aunt Arctic, Cadence, Cece, Rocky, Sensei and Rockhopper all alone in my igloo! Awesome, right? You wanna know how I did it, right? Well here’s the instructions, you can also watch the video below for a demonstration on how to do it for multiple people.

  1. Go into your igloo.
  2. Bring up your friend list.
  3. Choose the friend or mascot in your friend list to bring up their playercard.
  4. Edit your igloo with their playercard still open.
  5. Choose a different background for your igloo.
  6. Enjoy.
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