Club Penguin September 2013 Penguin Style Cheats

august-2013-ps-cheatsClub Penguin has just released the new Penguin Style Clothing Catalog Cheats for September 2013 today! It’s got a bunch of clothing set for the Medieval Party coming in 2 weeks. There are A TON of new hidden item cheats in the catalog, so our fears about Club Penguin doing away with hidden item cheats are now gone as they’re including more and more with every catalog!

An interactive copy of the catalog and a list of the secret hidden items and cheats in the catalog is available at the bottom of the post.

Click read more to view the Penguin Style cheats!

New Club Penguin Cheats in this catalog

There are 8 new item cheats in the catalog!!!! We hope they’ll continue to include Club penguin cheats in the clothing catalogs moving forward.

Please watch our Club Penguin Cheats video in order to see all of the cheats in the catalog!

Club Penguin Cheats Video


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