Club Penguin May 2013 Clothing Catalogue Cheats

pstyleHey Club Penguin Insiders, the Card-Jitsu Party is just around the corner and there are some new ninja items available in time for it! Here are the May catalogue cheats brought to you from forum member Yoda992. There are 4 awesome new ninja items in the May 2013 Penguin style, so let’s jump straight in!

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First up is the Elemental Balance Gi, you can reveal this item by clicking on the Snow Rose Fan the penguin in the kimono is holding.











The next items are the Seismic Sandals and the Sunburst Sandals, you can find these by clicking on the feet on the penguin on this page:










The last set of items is the Sushi Master Gear consisting of the Sushi Master headband, the Sushi Tray and the Sushi Master Uniform.

You can find these buy clicking on the Sushi Tray on this page:


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    1 login to cp

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