Win a free Club Penguin Membership everyday!

memb Win a free Club Penguin Membership everyday!Free Club Penguin Memberships anyone? You’ve asked for it plenty of times and now Club Penguin Insiders is here to help. We really value our members here at Club Penguin Insiders so we are going to be giving away a TON of free Club Penguin Memberships just for you.

Every day we will give out one week memberships to 8 users. Every single day. All you have to do is be an active member on our Club Penguin Forum.

Step 1. If you haven’t already, join our Club Penguin forum.

Step 2. Make 10 non-spam posts in the forums.

That’s all there is to it. Each day you wish to enter you need to have made at least 5 posts that day and then just enter on the Free Membership ontest page.

Here’s a video from Thinknoodles explaining how to enter.

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