Rookie’s New Background for Underwater Expedition 2012!

As many of you already know, the famous EPF agent Rookie is visiting Club Penguin during this year’s Underwater Expedition Party 2012.

We expected Rookie to have a new background, since his previous one was in the box dimension, which was for last year’s April Fool’s party and we were right! Rookie has a new background for 2012! For those of you who met him last April and got his stamp, you now have two reasons to meet him:

  1. New background
  2. Add him to your friend’s list

Just like last year, your best chance to find Rookie is with our very own Club Penguin Rookie Tracker, so keep your eye on the tracker and you’ll be sure to meet him during the Underwater Expedition this year and get that new background!

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  • Gabriel


  • Meny

    Wait, I met him yesterday (december 3 2012) and i got the box dimension

  • CPCreator

    Rookie was last saw on the sever Aroura I Met Rookie

  • daredavil2

    i get a stamp
    and background

  • daredavil2

    i saw rookie:)

  • Purplecloud

    It's a Good Backround for him!

  • Chilly0ne

    Lol! This might be the funniest background I have seen! Just like Rookie

  • penny2415


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