New Free Club Penguin Codes – 1500 coins!

cp cheat codesHey Club Penguin Insiders! We have some great Club penguin cheats for you today! There’s 3 new Club Penguin Codes that will give you 1500 coins absolutely free. Anyone can use them, whether you’re a member or not, so go ahead!

Thanks to my friends on Youtube – PoonchCP, 1999bloo, viperkurt5 and TheBluePeter12 for PM’ing me the codes!

Here are the new Club Penguin coins Codes:

  • CANDYKAI – 500 coins
  • KLUTZY15 – 500 coins
  • SILVER14 – 500 coins

All you have to do to enter these codes is click the “Unlock Items Online” on the bottom left of Club Penguin, log in, and then click “I have a code” and type them in. Watch the video below on how to enter the Club Penguin codes.

Also, if you’re short on coins, make sure to visit our Club Penguin Book Codes, our Club Penguin Codes, and our previous articles for free 1500 coins and 3000 free coins. Each Club Penguin book code you enter will earn you an additional 2,000 coins in Club Penguin!

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  • mirmir6

    i have over 24,000 coins now!

  • paige

    oops I thought that my last coment was about an other site

  • paige

    yes I do but should kids really be learning how to cheet

  • gracie

    we need more codes this is getting boring!

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  • Hobby 37911

    you rocks

  • joey

    soo coooolll

  • Longdue456

    send me a fread reqwest on club

  • Longdue456

    Can there be 12 codes tht worth 100,000 coins! reply to this if you want this to happen

  • nick

    i know some codes my codes are sombrero.

  • Thor2000

    Actually, there are more codes than this! 🙁 LOL

  • Trisha

    Im buying membership on sunday 27th october i cnt wait hahaha in ur faces

  • aadem

    hey think why arent you adding me on club penguin cause on poptropica I have you and graser as a friend

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  • Joefish22

    More codes pls

    • rodney

      you are banged up how do ya know those code? 🙂

    • nick


  • Panza 2001

    It realy work you should make more codes they really help

    • boss1164

      more codesssssss

  • Audrey

    does rookie really like trains?!? reply rookie!!!

  • britney

    i did it and it really workded

  • britney


  • Me Girl

    more codes more coins

  • holly95566

    anyone on :]

  • holly95566

    any one on

  • holly95566

    cause i already used them codes :[

  • holly95566

    could u make more codes

  • sophie

    i love geting codes

  • sylvain

    i love this its cool

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  • Lizzie14542

    Do you have any Item codes !? 🙁

  • robert

    cool video i has seen it before but i havent typed in the codes

  • jake

    some one said they need new item codes try these ( Freehood , Ufomaske , Ufoanzug , Hphones1

  • jake

    I always like new codes.

    • popmonkey144

      hes on right now

  • Muffin Moo33

    hrrrm…any ITEM codes? post THOSE types of codes. i need new items.

  • glynnj1

    i love modern warfare3

  • snowy78910

    need membership code!! can anyone give me one?

  • Gary

    there is a new code being created in August,30 so hurry! it only goes for a day.

  • Mrrss

    these codes work

    gives 2000

  • joshpark

    thnkto codes

  • 1999bloo fan

    I Met 1999bloo hanging out with Zz and Others

  • matias

    jj27244 the codes are not good thumbs up if you agree

  • ARMIN227


  • Jacob

    Free Club Penguin Membership!!!

  • victor


  • victor

    booooo no items

  • mickiyd

    um y do i need coins if i cant use them to buy stuff cause im not amember

    • holly95566


    • kitty

      because u can use the money when u become a member

  • victor

    booooo no items

    • Muffin Moo33

      booooo no items

    • Robobot128

      So look up free items on club penguin

  • Swiglet1

    thanks new codes

  • Poonchee

    Awesome thanks Thinknoodles!

    • Thank YOU for giving them to me! Let me credit you guys in this article too!

      • Poonchee

        OH YOU'RE WELCOME! I had thought someone had already told you but I PM'd it to you anyway. Glad to help!

      • pacergoegie1

        thanks thinknoodles!!!!!!!!!!!!!i defently need them!

      • jj27244

        hey these codes r good

        *happy birthday

        • sun glade

          there fake!!

          • Muffin Moo33

            no duh. sun glade wants to create them
            use common sense.

        • pegasisterforever

          there fake :/

      • Snicky23

        Sup Thinknoodles Are You Always On Icicle?

    • rodney

      um you know i used those code already so got any other codes?

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        thanks very much i really wanna add you man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug

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