Free Alien Costume Codes in Club Penguin – April 2012!

free alien code Free Alien Costume Codes in Club Penguin   April 2012!Hey Club Penguin Insiders! We have some great Club penguin cheats for you today! There’s some new Club Penguin Codes that will give you an awesome green alien costume absolutely free. Anyone can use them, whether you’re a member or not, so go ahead and get this cool costume and mask!

We think they’re from the new Club Penguin Magazine in the UK and they are giving out free codes every month.

Check out my player card with the new costume. I love it because my penguin is now a cyclops (meaning he only has one eye!), and I thought the Globe Hat was a funny touch to add on top of it. Check out our cheats video below to see the codes, or continue reading below for the two codes. You can also find the two code and many other coin codes and item codes on our Club Penguin Codes page.

Here are the two Club Penguin Codes for the Alien Costume and Alien Hat:

  • UFOANZUG – Alien Costume
  • UFOMASKE – Alien Mask

All you have to do to enter these codes is click the “Unlock Items Online” on the bottom left of Club Penguin, log in, and then click “I have a code” and type them in. If you’re not sure where the link is, watch the video above and it will show you where to enter the codes.

If you’re still short on coins, make sure to visit our Club Penguin Book Codes, our Club Penguin Codes, and our previous articles for free 1500 coins and 3000 free coins. Each book code you enter will earn you an additional 2,000 coins in Club Penguin!

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    1. post this any where on this site three times

    2.log on to your penguin

    3.go to server blizzard…..If full go to any other server except one with safe chat

    4.type in chat box ERROR CODE SEVEN

    5.Will now achieve 1000,000 coins, 50 items from treasure box, forever membership, and 5 rainbow puffles

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    Another Code For Club Penguin For Everyone Is:


    Enjoy Waddle On!



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