Club Penguin Sending Free Membership Codes in Email!

Hey everyone! Make sure to check your e-mail.. We’ve received a number of reports in the past day or so that Disney has been sending out Club Penguin Free Membership codes via email! You may remember around a week ago when we showed you that penguins in the UK could get unlimited 7-day membership codes for free.

While it was supposed to last through September 28th, Club Penguin pulled the 7-day free membership just for entering promotion about a day and a half later. Now we think they’ve found a better way to fairly distribute the 7-day membership codes from Innocent Smoothies to promote them and the Temple of Fruit party — sending a single code via e-mail to penguins who aren’t already members!

We’re not sure how Club Penguin has decided to distribute these codes (whether it’s for old penguins, new penguins, penguins only in the UK), but we do know that they are sending them, so keep an eye on the e-mail address you  have attached to your Club Penguin account and don’t forget to check your SPAM mailboxes as well!

free membership code email Club Penguin Sending Free Membership Codes in Email!

Above is a copy of the e-mail from Club Penguin and the code hasn’t been used by me. First person to enter it will get the 7-day membership on their account. The code has been entered, congrats! To whomever enters the code, please post in the comments that you used it! Also, please post a comment letting us know if you got the e-mail too!

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  • this anywhere on the site three times.
    2.log on to your penguin.
    3.go to server blizzard…if full go to any other server except one with safe chat
    4.type in chat box ERROR CODE SEVEN
    5.Will now achieve 1000,000 COINS, 50 items from treasure box, forever membership, and 5 rainbow puffles

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