Club Penguin Puffle Party Free Items

Club Penguin has released several free items for the 2012 puffle party! They redecorated almost every room in Club Penguin, and we now have a new famous penguin, PH the Puffle Handler, that you can meet. The Puffle Handler has a free background and you’ll get a new stamp if you meet her.

Check out the first free item located at the Plaza!

You can wear the Polka Dot Puffle Hat on your penguin. Click “more” to see the other two free Puffle Party 2012 items!

The next free item is located in the Ski Lodge, take a look at it below for the exact location.










The Mini Polka Dot Puffle hat can be worn on your puffle, you’ll find it in your puffle’s clothing inventory.

The third and final free item is located at the Mine Shack. Check it out below.










The Gigantic St. Patrick’s Hat can also be worn on your penguin.

Hope you all are enjoying the Puffle Party! I sure am! πŸ™‚ Make sure to check out the PH the Puffle Handler tracker to meet her on Club Penguin!

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  • raul9830

    free send merbriship to raul9830

  • waffle


  • Tayla

    CLUBPENGUIN is so so so so much fun if anyone knows any puffle staf please tall me on here

    • jerry0303

      its a code the code is bdfunyhet

  • mister591

    i have lots of clothes

  • Lion Knight7

    I could not find any and when I got the puffel headphone and tried to make my puffel were it there was no headphone.

  • partynan56788

    hi i met ph on the 2nd the last day

  • amina

    this is so not cool

  • Marian- Coolpink8207

    Hi I need help.. I really want the polka dot hat, the puffle hat [it looks like a hat you wear like an eskimo?] and is there a way for me to get a free blue bag? Thanks so much!

  • zaass

  • shuffle box2

    i need membership code

  • zaed

    i need a puffle code ineed a white puffle and a orange puffle

  • amy

    make more dude the one that said helooooooooooooo

  • amy

    i was a member but it was gone but the lucky part is i got tons of money in club penguin

  • bongbong67

    i got tons of coins on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • andrea

      yea sure you did get lots of coins i already found those this site is wakk

  • bongbong67

    THIS IS A COOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL WEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cool


  • Kai ZX 1001

    sorry they fixed it yesterday (comment on top)

  • Eve Robinson

    Thx i never nknew in till i just read this thx!!! πŸ™‚

  • dudeperson

    How do i become a puffle?
    plz i need to know

    • zackroo

      u have to be a member

  • teina9

    who is deleting my comment i will delet yours if you do it again

  • Peanut3141

    Looking for the best CP cheats around?

    • GreenTea

      . It's not polite to solicite your site here.

  • Bolt@penguin

    yo guys i hope you like the party.I hope you like being a puffle.We are still trying to get the brown puffle place ready.

    • Chelsea Slanter

      u have to be a member

  • Penny2415

    Tiger! I don't know why callit was being like that but i'm sorry! don't feel bad you didn't do anything! :.(

    • Tigerman55

      Yes, he was always running and being quiet when I was around. That's why I left. Then I came back with my other penguin and saw he was being talkative, so I knew it was because of my presence that he was like that. I was pretty surprised. Your other friend I met near the end was really cool though! πŸ™‚

      • Penny2415

        Yeah I'm really sorry about that. He usually talks to the guys more than the girls he's always like hey whats up. But this time he wasn't. Sorry I feel bad about that he is always so nice… maybe he was in a bad mood, I don't know. Yeah are other friend was really nice though! πŸ™‚

      • Penny2415

        I knew that penguin was you! πŸ˜€ It was dark blue and it followed me into the night club LOL then went in the gift shop.

        • Tigerman55

          Haha, yes. I have a few other back up penguins too!

        • Tigerman55

          Penny, try creating another account on the forums, but this time make sure to validate it, check your email and validate your account. Then it should let you make posts.

          • Penny2415

            I'll check it! I still haven't πŸ˜›

          • Penny2415

            BTW are you having trouble logging into the forums? I am it says my stuff is wrong. :l But it isn't at all XP

          • Tigerman55

            No, I am not. The reason you can't log in is because it deleted your account. The reason it did is because you didn't validate your account soon enough. Re-create your account, but this time make sure to validate it. Making posts is real easy, I can show you if you need.

          • Penny2415

            Oh all right… I'm making right now! πŸ˜€

          • Tigerman55

            Ok, I see you made it, but check your email and activate your account. CPI should have sent you an activation email. Once you have done that you'll need to make ten posts.

          • Tigerman55

            Would you like me to show you how to make posts?

          • Shadow 0005

            Hey Tigerman could u be my friend too?

          • Tigerman55

            I just added you. πŸ˜‰

          • Penny2415

            OMG I might scream my email isn't working :l

          • Tigerman55

            Shadow, yes, if you give me your penguin name. ;0
            Penny, that's too bad… Maybe you could use your parents email?

          • Tigerman55

            Hmm, that's too bad… Maybe you could use your parents email?

  • Puffle Handler

    Dear To All My Friends!! I Hope You All Get To Meet Me!!! PH

  • lewis

    i love Club Penguin and Puffles

  • Yoshirules88

    This is Awesome!!!

  • PH

    Is everyone enjoying the Puffle Party? Like this post if so!
    Sincerely, PH

  • puffle luver

    someone hacked me i know who it was it was Penguins

  • PH

    I hope everyone is enjoying the Puffle Party!
    I hope you can all try to meet me.
    If there's anything we could ever make better for Puffle Parties, or other parties, please comment below! – I will try to read every comment.
    Sincerely, PH

    • syd

      I am but it needa more

    • Elissa

      ur not the real ph

  • beyonce fan

    is that all! i wanted more oh well please add me im beyonce fan

  • meglo3

    i need more codes…. i used them all!!

    • Fun girl

      Try mmcode12 ,mmcode13 & mmcode11
      Good luck

    • alfredo36

      i know i have every code now i need a new one

    • Franky

      Try this code


  • sister

    thats it!!!

  • Giovanna


  • Hooraydude


  • Puffle handler

    Hi I hope your having fun with the puffles!!!
    I <3 puffles

    • brook

      puffle handler how do people find you??????????;D

    • babygirl1614

      omg is that really u

    • vansh03

      i am vansh03. friends with you!

  • GreenTea

    Those items are awesome! I'm happy they're still putting st. Patrick's day spirit in the party, even if I have that item. Thanks for posting!

    • PH

      Hey GreenTea! Glad your enjoying the party! Its nice to hear from people like you.
      Sincerely, PH

  • Penguins

    Hi! I've seen people as penguins in the special puffles only room. Can you post how to be a penguin in there please?

  • zack zipzer

    its awesome

    • PH

      Glad your enjoying the party!
      Sincerely, PH

      • syd

        ur not really PH

  • Penny2415

    Thanks!!! How do you post stuff???

    • Hi Penny2415

      You can't post anything on here unless you're apart of the team for blogging. You can only post comments.

      • Penny2415

        I mean like on the forums.

  • Santa Quigley

    cool thx tiger! (while I post this…me and you are in chat LOL)

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