Club Penguin Magazine May Issue – Two Free Treasure Book Codes!

cp magazine codes Club Penguin Magazine May Issue   Two Free Treasure Book Codes!Hey everyone, we are always on top of Club Penguin’s social media feeds and we just saw a Tweet from their @SupportAtCP account about the upcoming PARTY issue of Club Penguin Magazine!

As we reported last week, Club Penguin announced two item codes in the May  issue of Club Penguin Magazine. On Saturday, two free codes for the Green Alien Costume surfaced and we thought that those might be the free codes in the magazine.

It turns out that we may have been wrong about that, because the tweet included a picture about the magazine telling us that there will be the usual 1500 free Club Penguin coin codes (usually 3 500 coin codes) AND two free treasure book codes in each issue!

While we wont be able to give you the treasure book codes here on Club Penguin Insiders, since they are one-time-use, make sure to come back on May 3rd and visit our Club Penguin Codes page to get another 1500 coins for free from the new codes!

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  • i think i know 14 codes that might have been used
    1 IOAJS345
    2 E4I439JD
    3 DHFE3032
    4 JXXD3933O
    5 GHJIYE34
    6 UIUOPJ469
    7 TOIUL074
    8 CRJGSD116
    9 EWQE796
    10 IYTR55817
    11 MGKH35
    12 JKOP0T54
    13 675JFDCZA54
    14 TRE3W0

    • omg i tried the 2nd one and it worked! too bad this might of been the only code that works :[ one last thing i think some of the codes a fake! i mean you cant have 14 codes its almost inpossible then again they all could be real cause i only tried 4 codes the 5th code doesnt work the 8th code doesnt work and the 14th code doesnt work.

  • i really want the treasure book code cause there is this hair style that i love i have seen so many girls wear it that i wanna wear it too plus i have never had a book code :(.so please let me have the code if u want.

  • eren165


  • lillian

    please get me a treasure book code and il get you 3 memberships ok

  • Blackberryev

    Not purchasing anything how do you get treasure book codes?



  • taylor


  • Jakeezy21

    Is there a yellow hoodie ? i saw a lot of penguins wearing it this month

    • lillian

      yes hoodie11 is code

  • terezas47

    member meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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