Club Penguin Field Ops 105 Cheats – October 25

cp field ops cheatsClub Penguin has just released the new EPF Field Ops 105 for the Halloween Party 2012! Club Penguin Insiders brings you the Club Penguin Cheats and secrets for this latest Club Penguin field ops.

To start the field-op go to the EPF Command Room and click on the field-ops screen. Search the mansion for any technology that might be haunted. Use your Spy Phone to cleanse ghosts from the system.

It seems there are many different kinds of ghosts on the island. Some are good. Some are of great concern. We need to assist the ghost catching squads. Search the mansion for any affected technology, and de-haunt it.

Read on for the Field Ops Location

How to cleanse ghosts from the system

  1. Accept the Field-Op in the EPF headquarters.
  2. Use your spy phone to teleport to the Forest
  3. Enter the Haunted Mansion.
  4. Go to the room on the left.
  5. Go to the room at the top.
  6. Go to your right.
  7. Go through the door on the upper right.
  8. Waddle to the spot shown in the picture, on the top middle of your screen.

Once you complete the Club Penguin Field Ops you will receive another medal which you can spend towards EPF gear, and you will find the following message:

Well done Agent! It looks like you found some ghosts up to no good in my great uncle’s telescope. Hopefully once all of the bad ghosts are contained, things will go back to normal.

Congratulations, you beat the mission!

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