System Defender Minigame Give EPF Medals!

epf medals System Defender Minigame Give EPF Medals!Are you short one or two EPF medals for that last piece of Comm Gear?

Gary has just sent us a message to let us know that System Defender is now updated and that we can earn medals while playing the game!

Now, if you’re missing a medal or two, you don’t have to wait weeks to get that last piece of gear, or to earn the 50 EPF Medals stamp!

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  • EManrocks35

    how do i get medals???

  • wow lame doesnt work Thinknoodles get yo game on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fluffy

    Thats not true

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    on the topic of that.

  • michael


  • michael


  • michael

    is this true

  • er


  • A58

    its not working
    such a rip-off

  • taco

    does this work or is it just a waste of my time?
    need to be a member

  • Soap84

    it works! i got 5 medals!

  • Thepinkpers

    this doesn’t work! i was playing during the marvel takeover and it didn’t give me any medals! Just 3 stamps :(

  • Ehtss YerrBoss GiqqLesx

    this works ? please reply /.\

    • er

      al right! i reply! now what?

    • michael

      DOES NOT WORK :( :( :(

  • Bertram

    It worked for me but only got 2 medals from playing system defender.


    this doesnt evn wrk! cant u c?

  • master kai47

    ive been playing for 5 years and i only got 205

    • NegativePi

      I got 46 medals today

    • er

      thats alot!

  • nikolai5670

    how many medals do u get in systems defenders

  • HappyBoy 66

    Does It Really Work Cause I Just Played System Defender And I Didn't Get A Medal!

    • ahmed

      fake news i played over 30 mins I didn't get a single medal

  • manofperson2

    What? How come I tried it and the stupid thing doesen't even work?

  • fantagebluemoon

    it dosent work

  • <like my pic... lol

    Idk how XD

  • cece7767

    does it realy work? because im on cp right now

  • crimk1

    All system defender levels out!

  • 789luke123

    no you cant

  • Zippy Renee

    Ok so, ive been playing that game like crazy to earn some medals, but i havent earned a single one, but ive beaten most of the levels

  • Roula800

    Hey, which one do you have to select? I did the protobot one and I didn't get ANY medals?

    Maybe I have to do Herbret or normal.

  • talzon

    hey stupid it said for important things and ive already tried it when i got the massage read it closely stooge

  • Warriorcats01

    OH yeah! thats awesomeness!

  • Insiderfan1

    Ooh I love that!! :D

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