Club Penguin – Project Time Machine

Club Penguin Room SWFs Music SWFsTravel back in time through Club Penguin and visit rooms you have never seen before! The Club Penguin Insiders Time Machine lets you revisit old and retired Club Penguin rooms through a collection of SWFs and images. Discover how Club Penguin has changed over time and remember your early days in Club Penguin with this awesome tool.

There’s not just rooms, there is music from earlier parties too! Did you especially like a tune from a party a few years back? Now you have a chance to hear it again!

You can visit rooms back until when Club Penguin first launched in 2005 right up to earlier this year,2011. See if you can remember how Club Penguin was when you joined. This is a community project and we need the entire Club Penguin community to help us build up this amazing resource. If you have room/music SWFs or images and we don’t have them yet, we need you to help us!


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  • Kikiik

    It no longer works. It’s just an swf with text and broken drop-down menus. :/

  • Ellabella855

    Doesn’t work…only shows a quarter of the instructions on the right side when I clicked “go to the club penguin time machine”

  • senguttuvan

    orange puffle

  • The picture is covering it. How to remove it?

  • Energie

    It rocks!

  • i like this story

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