Club Penguin Rookie Stamp, Rookie Background Found!

As you all know, there have been rumors all over Club Penguin that Rookie is a new famous Penguin Mascot. Well, those rumors are true, you need to Find Rookie during the 2011 April Fool’s Party in order to the Rookie’s stamp and Rookie’s background! We have proof that both exist. You can see the stamp in your very own stamp book and we were able to locate the item sprite for Rookie with a preview of his background, which are both shown below.

Just use your favorite Club Penguin Rookie Tracker and cross your fingers for a little luck! We haven’t seen the full background for Rookie, but what do you think of the snapshot preview? Looks pretty cool with the box dimension in the background! Click “More” to see the full-sized background!Here’s the full-sized Rookie background!

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  • pop429

    He was at breeze around 7:45

  • Leah Richmonds

    Rookie ur my all time fav penguin on cp ur the best im a big fan I wanted to mee u but never do:(

  • Sheyne

    Oh!!! and plzzzzzzz meet me at Icicle at 2:30 pm at Thursday, 15 in May.
    P.S. i draw pictures of u and me together at home cause u rock and i want to meet u in penguin.

  • varunmalik

    pls rookie i beg u pls

  • varunmalik

    hey rookie can u pls visit to book room at iceberg server at 2pm pst pls pls pls

  • sambsrs

    Hi Rookie!I can see ur fans love you so much.
    Best fishes


  • 9n9n9n

    Rookie! I heard that you wanted penguin names so mine is 9n9n9n. PLEASE add me. I don’t have a friend that is a famous penguin yet. I really want to meet you a party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 9n9n9n

      I mean at a party!

  • jamesm9915

    clock at 10 00 clock

  • jamesm9915

    rookie meet me at blizzard at the epf

  • rookie

    tell me want time and server u want me on and I will be there

    • Spyguy74044

      rainbow at march26 at iceberg i am Spyguy74044 i think you are awsome

      • Spyguy74044

        rainbow at march26 at 530 at light house this is Spyguy74044

      • Spyguy74044

        plz reply

        • anonymous

          sorry he's a fake rookie doesn't comment on this website

    • sillyrabbits

      alaska april third at epf im sillyrabbits

  • santiluchi1

    When I was playing Club Penguin I was bored I was playing a puffle game in the cove in the carnival. And then when I finished playing a bunch of people were in the cove and I was like what happened? And then I saw Rookie in the middle. And then after I tried pressing on Rookie but I was pressing every other person that were around the I did click on the Rookie. First I did the most important thing I added him as a friend and he said yes. And then after I got his background. I was so lucky that I found Rookie!

    • Spyguy74044


  • nizar1236

    c cl clu club club p club pen club peng club

  • faisal1240

    Yeah i met him today(26sep)

    • faisal1240

      c club ejej cccderrtf

  • mr cuttle

    i willy want to meet you rookie, cadence ,director ,gary come plezze.I never met a famous penguin. come to the puffle party on the 21 of march.server iceburg i beg you

  • 1234piey

    go to the beach on server:hockey

  • jet pack guy

    i need mour jet pack fule

    • pichach123

      meet me at epf command room server polarbear now 9/3/13

    • ryu401

      ill get it

  • rookie

    mmcode 12

    • rulon123

      wat server are you on rookie?

  • director

    zzzbbb guys help herbert has me help help

  • ansh1238

    i am amember every century

  • Gary

    Rookie will be on the April Fools next I think but meet me on the Prehistoric party! ~Gary

  • Livili

    Rookie, I love you you are the love of my life come here babe~

    • Astrocookie

      do you even know rookie?

  • tumpback

    whare are you rookie

    • Ava616

      yeah!! where are you?!!

      • Rookie!

        Im here guys!, by the way what do you think of the latest costumes in the catalouge, I designed them myself
        Yours Penguin-fully, Rookie
        – Waddle On!

    • Spyguy74044

      do you play skylanders

  • jasjaddajsaj

    Hey Rookie, can you and Candence meet me at the iceberg. You two are my favorite!! <3

  • Aquamerene4

    Rookie! I want to meet you! Plz come! Thx! Ill add u ASAP too!

    • Rookie

      Hi, meet me at the dock today and be sure to add my friends jaguar23457 and levana922 in server frozen!

      • Rookie

        also be there now i might be late!!!

  • coolguy

    rookie is my friend

  • coolclaw315

    rookie meet me at the light house

  • Rookie

    All me EPF buddies, Thank You to keep Club Penguin Safe. i marked all your efforts an I will meet you at EPF command room on 1st January. Thankyou.
    Club Penguin

    • superplush1

      what server >_>

    • jillybug24

      can you add me jillybug23

    • lego gal

      time and server?

  • karan

    can you tell me where you will be on oct 24 in real human time thanks

  • drybonz11

    rookie meet me on the server frozen in the snow forts on halloween the 18 see ya then or if u are on roght now see ya in the snow forts please come i want to be friends and to have your background see ya then

  • saurav

    i cant find rookie



    • rookie

      hi guys its rookie im on the sever berg in the danceclub

  • Simon20686

    Yeah i met him today(26sep)

  • rookie

    meet me at blizzard today at the EPF.

    • Dominique

      not the real rookie

    • coolkaran256

      yo rookie come to hokey today at 6 O clock kk see you there

    • Known Game

      Meet me at epf please

  • guilherme julio

    i is very hard I can not find the rookie

  • Rookie


  • Emily0417

    Hey! Hey! Hey! What rhymes with cookie? Rookie! I'll be in the sever Ice box for awhile! Come meet me at the Forest!

  • agent rookie

    he is not rookie

  • Rookie

    Hey hey! Did you know that my name rhymes with cookie?

  • zainfire

    hey guys add me my name is ahmed37717

  • When will I ever meet Rookie and there wasn't any rumor because that stamp was there from the beginning because all mascots who visit cp should have a stamp xD

  • socool

    were is rookie I've been looking

  • caden

    Hey rookie can you go on blizzerd so i can see you again thank you plz reply

    • Microjack2

      Guys Try going on Forgein servers like pufflelandia or zero grau (spanish)

    • Rookie

      Hello my fellow fan. Im going to be on at 5:00 to 5:30. Im going to on blizzard.

      • frostbite24

        rookie pz go on the server husky at

      • aamy

        r u the real rookie

      • Aquamerene4

        When will you be on for me? 🙂 Im on now, look for me! Im Aquamerene4

  • Hi Hi hi hi hi hi Rookie! im so happy to see you i know the fair starts Sep. 20! meet me at the server Ice Age! Bye!

  • Randalorton

    i'm so happy 🙂 :):)

  • amy

    I love Rookie! xxxx hugs

  • nickyb1124


  • CPCreator

    rookie is online

  • luigi8mario


  • allie

    i cant wait to find rookie im gonna be so happy to find him

    • mariah3836

      so am i

    • Codboss1013

      already found him legit like 20 minutes ago

    • coolkaran256

      I ALREADY MET HIM xP chek my stamps im coolkRAN256



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