Club Penguin Rookie Stamp, Rookie Background Found!

As you all know, there have been rumors all over Club Penguin that Rookie is a new famous Penguin Mascot. Well, those rumors are true, you need to Find Rookie during the 2011 April Fool’s Party in order to the Rookie’s stamp and Rookie’s background! We have proof that both exist. You can see the stamp in your very own stamp book and we were able to locate the item sprite for Rookie with a preview of his background, which are both shown below.

Just use your favorite Club Penguin Rookie Tracker and cross your fingers for a little luck! We haven’t seen the full background for Rookie, but what do you think of the snapshot preview? Looks pretty cool with the box dimension in the background! Click “More” to see the full-sized background!Here’s the full-sized Rookie background!

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  • Meet me in my igloo rookie at 8:00 today. And be on time!

  • please meet at the pool at
    time: 4:42
    date: 4-3-15

  • rookie meet me at 4:40 4-3-15

  • Meet me on bilzard time

  • Plz meet on server bilzard at the skate party in the town ok rookie and date semptemeber

  • I want to be a free 12 mouth mebership

  • Rookie please meet me on Blizzard right now at the EPF room

  • please meet me in Blizzard at 5:10 p.m. in the EPF room

  • chinz19

    I meant in the server mammoth

  • chinz19

    hey rookie can you please please please please please please meet me in the EPF room at 5:30 on 05 – 03 – 2014

  • Dhara

    Love this thing!

  • connor chubb

    rookie can you meet me in the epf room on 3-2-14 at 9:00 on the server fog

  • connor chubb

    hi think i like your videos

    ps whan is the next time you will be on?

  • connor chubb

    hey rookie can you meet me at the town on 3-2-14 on the server fog at 9:00am pls

  • KT

    Rookie-meet me January first at 4:30, server icicle please!

  • CPFanforever

    He’s so funny! And if he had a puffle, I bet it will be green with a proppelor hat

  • CPFanforever

    Is my second best mascot ever!(first being Cadence)

  • POPPY39608

    I LV U ROOKIE!!!!!!!!

  • cookiman1

    rookie is the best

  • harmony11994

    i want to meet u and be ur freind

    • harmony11994

      i ment friend

  • Cool Dud9

    i look like you rookie

  • Cool Dud9

    Meet me on sever sleet 10:00 am at the iceberg

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