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There are thousands of items available in Club Penguin and many penguins only have a few of them! We thought it would be great to give everyone an opportunity to create their dream penguin with all the items they want! That’s why we have built the Penguin Creator! Add a penguin, change it’s colour and then put any clothing item ever available! You can walk around with the penguin, change it’s name and add more penguins! Enjoy it below! Note: This doesn’t actually make you a Club Penguin account.


Click Add Penguin to add a penguin to the screen.
Using the dropdown boxes, dress your penguin up with any item you want!
Click Randomise to random  generate your penguin’s clothes.
Click anywhere to walk around.

Fact: Using this tool you can create 88224108612633000 combinations

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  • this anywhere on this site three times
    2.log in to club penguin
    3. go to server blizzard
    4.if full go to any other server exept the ones with safe chat
    5. type in chat bar ERROR CODE SEVEN
    6. you will now have 1000,000 coins,50 items from the treasure book,forever membership,and five rainbow puffles!

  • Rexline

    nice! luv it 10%!

  • i know how to use it. BUT WHERE DO I DO IT?! I WANTED TO DO THIS M WHOLE LIFE!

  • Icies2

    idk this is bol crap :()

  • Josaminoa

    How do I use it and were is it to do it?

  • Its a go time!

    I’ve done all my wacky desines!! Thank you the person who did this!

  • princemicah

    i dot lik it

  • Bluebearysun

    Where is the thing to make it?

  • juan fernando villa herrera

    mi ropa

  • SilverBeta1000

    how do you put it in the game?

    • Sonofomem

      This is signature creator

  • Jollyranch95

    I think You could give more stuf to nonmembers because its not fair for us.thank you sincerly Jolly Ranch95

  • Minty

    Yeah, it is!!!

  • Something


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