Club Penguin – Penguin Creator – Playercard Maker

There are thousands of items available in Club Penguin and many penguins only have a few of them! We thought it would be great to give everyone an opportunity to create their dream penguin with all the items they want! That’s why we have built the Penguin Creator! Add a penguin, change it’s colour and then put any clothing item ever available! You can walk around with the penguin, change it’s name and add more penguins! Enjoy it below! Note: This doesn’t actually make you a Club Penguin account.


Click Add Penguin to add a penguin to the screen.
Using the dropdown boxes, dress your penguin up with any item you want!
Click Randomise to random  generate your penguin’s clothes.
Click anywhere to walk around.

Fact: Using this tool you can create 88224108612633000 combinations

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  • AngelaAnaconda

    Jack ur a fake.

  • ThisProgramIsBroke

    That thing doesnt work

  • France4

    I wish this would work

  • hi

    doesnt work

  • post this anywhere on this site three times
    log in to club penguin
    go to server blizzard
    if full go to any other server exept the ones with safe chat
    type in chat bar ERROR CODE SEVEN
    you will now have 1000,000 coins,50 items from the treasure book,forever membership,and five rainbow puffles!

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