Club Penguin Network Solutions Error!

This morning, we encountered something with Club Penguin that we never thought we’d see — Club Penguin is down with a “Backorder this domain” or “Renew this Domain” page from Network Solutions when trying to load ClubPenguin.Com! You can see the error page below.

cp network solutions Club Penguin Network Solutions Error!

renewal deletion 150x150 Club Penguin Network Solutions Error!

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First of all, don’t worry, Club Penguin was not hacked! Most of you don’t know what this means, but take a look at the image on the right. This is the WHOIS information for ClubPenguin.Com and, if you look closely (click to enlarge the image), you’ll see “Expires : 13-Jun-2011″ and “Pending Renewal or Deletion”. This means that the ClubPenguin.Com domain name expired 1 week ago and Disney forgot to renew it! What a huge mistake!

Being the original owner of the domain, Disney has the opportunity to simply renew it, but it will take some time to get the Internet to re-route traffic back to Club Penguin properly and the site could be down for quite a few hours.

We just wanted all of you to be aware that you aren’t the only one having problems and that this is a global error that everyone will experience as the day goes on!

While you’re waiting, make sure to check out our Club Penguin Forum and join in on the fun for FREE, where you can post and chat until Club Penguin comes back online!

UPDATE: We’d also like to add that, if you’re hearing rumors the “Club Penguin is shutting down for good” or that “Club Penguin is resetting and starting over” or that “Club Penguin was hacked” or anything like that, those rumors are completely untrue. Club Penguin will be back online as soon as the domain name is renewed!

UPDATE #2: Thanks to a commenter, we’ve checked the record and he’s right. Club Penguin updated the record, so it should be coming back within the next few hours!

Note: The game will be available for some users and not others, that means that even though you still can’t see Club Penguin, other users might be able to. This has nothing to do with membership and it only depends on your internet provider.

Users have been reporting that they can see the website but then when they go to login at they once again reach the Network Solutions page. This again will be fixed in a few hours so do be patient. You can also try the tips we’ve posted in our most recent article.

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