Club Penguin Medieval Party 2011 Knight’s Quest 3 Cheats

club penguin medieval party may 2011 cheatsClub Penguin has released the new Medieval Party May 2011, and there is a brand new Knight’s Quest challenge for members to complete! Ye Old Knight’s Quest 3 is new this year and can be started by entering the door furthest on the right in the Cave. To enter the cave use the manhole cover in the Plaza!  If you haven’t already completed Club Penguin Knight’s Quest 1 and Club Penguin Knight’s Quest 2 be sure to attempt them. Knight’s Quest 3 is the new quest this year, so we will focus on that. Club Penguin Insiders brings you a cheat walkthrough for Knight’s Quest 3 below! Follow the steps carefully as this is a difficult challenge.

The Knight’s Quest #3 is no longer glitched — it works, so on with the cheats!

club penguin cheatsMedieval Party 2011 Knight’s Quest 3 – Challenge 1

The objective of this challenge is to figure out which goblet the colored gem is hidden underneath. Watch the cups carefully as the spin around then select the cup you think the yellow, red, or blue gem is under.

We found that the easiest way to do this was to choose one color and watch it closely. If it asks for a different color, then you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right! Just step on the left, middle, or right tile to indicate which one you choose and it will tell you if you are right or wrong.

After you get 3 of them right, the door will open to the second room!


Club Penguin Knights Quest 3 cheats

Medieval Party 2011 Knight’s Quest 3 – Challenge 2

At the beginning of the challenge on the right you will see a chest of free White Knight Helmets. Waddle over them to pick one up. In this challenge you need to cross the canyon by walking over the turrets.

As you walk across each one, a button will appear in the middle and you can raise or lower the walls surrounding each turret. We are still working out the exact system, but it seems that the following worked for us: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Green!

The next room contains instructions on how to defeat Medieval Party 2011 Knight’s Quest 3 – Challenge 3. Look carefully at each of the pictures and memorise them!

You must pick up the White Knight’s staff and shield at the beginning! You will need it to defeat the Hydra in the next challenge and complete Club Penguin  Knight’s quest 3!

Medieval Party 2011 Knight’s Quest 3 – Challenge 3

club penguin medieval party 2011 cheatsChallange 3 is a very tricky challenge! You have to defeat the Hydra, the three-headed dragon. Each dragon has to be attacked in a specific way, so follow the guide below carefully!

  • To attack the Red Dragon – Throw snowballs at it!
  • To attack the Blue Dragon – Throw a snowball at the cauldron of lava moving backwards and fowards on the top. The snowball needs to hit the cauldron  when it is over the Blue dragon.
  • To attack the Yellow Dragon – The yellow dragon will spit fireballs at you. Using the shield you picked up in the previous room, you need to deflect the fireballs back at the dragon. Before a the yellow dragon spits a fireball one of the slabs on the ground will light up. Walk over to the slab which glows as quick as you can!

A few other tips if you’re having trouble with the Hydra Dragons! We had a hard time on busy server because it was too slow and other penguins would accidentally spill the lava early and miss the Blue Head.

  1. As shown on the right, the first thing you should do is click the lowest quality button on the upper-right. It will make things run faster.
  2. Choose a server with less penguins. We found that the International servers worked best.
  3. Use the “T” key on your keyboard to throw the snowballs instead of clicking. That way, you can aim precisely and throw them very quickly.
  4. Pre-aim when you are trying to destroy the Blue Hydra. As the bucket of lava approaches, start throwing the snowballs non-stop right over the Blue Hydra’s head while the bucket comes in. The bucket will then tip in the correct spot!

Congratulations! You have completed Medieval Party 2011 Knight’s Quest 3

club penguin knight's quest 3 cheats

The final room  is just pure awesome! The decorations are amazing and you definitely want to sit on the throne before you leave this room! Here you can find the last part to your armour collection, just waddle up to the chest to receive your free White Knight’s Armour.

If you haven’t already remember to collect the Medieval Party 2011 Pin and you should have already earned the Medieval Party 2011 Stamp

by completing Knight’s Quest 3

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