Club Penguin July / August 2011 Better Igloos Cheats

catalog cheatsThe newest Club Penguin Better Igloos Furniture Catalog Cheats for July 2011 through August 2011 has been released! This new catalog is filled with great stuff to decorate our igloos for the upcoming Island Adventure Party 2011, starting on July 21st!

Here are all the Club Penguin Cheats for the newest issue! In order to find the hidden items, you have to find the catalog first.

  1. Click on the “Home” icon on the chat bar.
  2. Click the “Edit Room” icon.
  3. Click on “Buy Items”.

Now all you need to do is open the catalog up to Page 3 & 4 and follow our instructions on finding all the hidden items in the catalog! We’ve included both pictures and words to guide you. Just click on the images to bring up a full-size version of all of the catalog cheats and you can flip between all the images!

New Cheats in this catalog

  1. Click on the Palm Tree’s trunk between the Cream Soda Barrel and X Marks the Spot and you’ll find the cheat for Snappy Shark for 250 coins.
  2. Click on the back of the Green Plastic Chair for another catalog cheat. You’ll find the Green Bench for 500 coins.

Old Cheats in this catalog

  1. Click the coin on the Flashing Flare and you can get the Piano Cheat for 900 coins.
  2. The Guitar Stand cheat is on the same page and can be found by clicking the red light on the Single Flare furniture item.
  3. For the next furniture cheat, click the treble clef on the Musical Motif and you’ll bring up the Microphone for 200 coins.
  1. Now, click the center of the guitar in the Radiant Rocker neon sign and you’ll find the Piano Bench cheat to go with the Piano cheat from earlier.
  2. Turn the page and you’ll find another cheat on the very first item. Click the center of the guitar inside the Busking Case and you’ll find a Terracotta Vase cheat.
  3. Now, click the coin for the Dance Mat and you’ll open up the Mexican Vase furniture catalog cheat.
  1. Then, click the center of the bass drum of the Dynamic Drums to open up the Terracotta Pot cheat.
  2. On the next page, you can find the Terracotta Pitcher by clicking on the center of the Laser Lights lens.
  3. Turn the page again and click the three knobs on the right side of the Guitar Amp. You’ll find the very popular Disco Ball cheat!
  1. Finally, click the third light on the Concert Lights item and you’ll find the Tropical Palm tree cheat!


  1. The first old furniture cheat is for the Ice Sculpture Knight for 900 coins, which can be found on page 4 on the lower right-hand side. Just click the suit of armor in the Armor Rack!
  2. The second old Better Igloos cheat is for the Candle for 120 coins. Just turn the page once to page 6 and click the Ye Olde Yellow Banner at the top of the page!
  3. This Better Igloos catalog cheat will get you the Harp for 840 coins. Stay on the same page as the Candle cheat, but click the Ye Olde Red Banner!
  1. Another cheat is for the Regal Chair for 500 coins. Turn the page and on page 7, click the flame on the Wall Torch to find it.
  2. The next cheat is for the Pink Plastic Castle for 315 coins. Turn the page and click the purple starfish on the Mermaid Vanity to buy it.
On page 11, there are two cheats:

  1. You can find the Spiral Coffee Tree cheat by clicking the circled flower in the Window Basket.
  2. You can find the Potted Palm by clicking on the rock in the Waterfall Pond.
Turn the page for two more hidden items:

  1. Click the third carrot and you’ll find the Ficus Plant.
  2. Click the 4th fence post to find a pot of Snake Grass.
Turn the page again for another two furniture catalog cheats:

  1. Find the HDTV by clicking on the cherry on top of the Mint Chip Chair.
  2. You can find the Candy Stash item by clicking the strawberry ice cream scoop in the Neapolitan lamp.
On the next page (don’t turn it):

  1. You can find Marshmallows for 20 coins by clicking the center of the Double Dunk Chair (Donut).

We hope you enjoy all the cheats and we don’t think we missed anything! Remember, just click any of the images to blow them up to full-size and you can use your mouse or keyboard to flip through all of them at once!

Let’s all get ready for the awesome Medieval Party 2011!

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  • quiero ser socio

  • sweeet!

  • Sweetarts369

    Why does it say "Let's all get ready for the awesome Medieval Party 2011!"? The Medieval Party was in May, it's the Adventure Party right now!

    I love the site, by the way! I always go here for Club Penguin info! 🙂

  • GreenTea

    Hey, Thinknoodles! in the Igloo Upgrades, if you click on the mossy patch of the mermaid home, you find the "whale's mouth' igloo!

  • Sierra

    Igloo Upgrades are out too with a few cheats!

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