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Club Penguin Igloo ideas

Ever wanted to design your dream igloo? We all have awesome igloo ideas but sometimes they can be hard to turn into a reality. Designing an igloo in Club Penguin requires a membership, loads of coins, and hard work! That’s why Club Penguin Insiders is proud to present it’s latest creation, the Club Penguin Igloo Designer!

Design your own igloo:
Choose from any igloo style ever released.
Add any piece of furniture ever released.
No membership, no coins and it’s easy to use.

Click below to go to the Club Penguin Igloo Creator

Club Penguin Igloo Creator

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  • izzy94406


  • AJ

    can we just pick out a igloo

  • cato6827

    my iglu its cool

  • isracm1

    my igloo its cool

    • AJ


  • adrianvera32

    venid al igloo de adrianvera32 es jenial lo contrario a esta paguina

  • magglio angel

    extra ordinario

  • maglito123

    extra ordinario

  • taterman66

    you are welcome

  • oliveirabiel


  • senguttuvan

    blue puffle

  • Jackson

    How to Put Wall & Floor

  • flameghost

    i dont know how to work this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jack

    wizard 101 is a good game too

  • fillycrunch

    I KNOW HOW TO WORK IT! its epic dude EPIC

  • HappyBelly1

    P.S. Im not dumb -.- i know your not the real Billybob

  • waffles5702

    Does this work on mobile devices or not because I've got android but I can play club penguin but not this

    • adrien

      Don't think so

  • Helena4715

    Billy Bod would not look up house styles so hes lieing!!!

  • Timothy

    hello i m spider 12602 can you please lend me coins on clubpenguin because i never get time to play games i only have 46 coins.If you can do tis it will be a big help thanks waddle on CP

    • billybob

      well just download the cp trainers program or the clubpenguin cp moneymaker program. It is really the best

      • marioman13

        Your not real BillyBob. Real BillyBob wouldn't say anything about club penguin trainers! 😐

    • Adrian

      No i wont give u coins u can urn them like eveybody else ok goodbye.

    • Ralph David

      How to add the flooring??

    • jack

      go in igloo and go in book

    • Randomer13

      I have a money maker that works…

    • Eachnamebun Cp

      Try using some codes on here such as:MMCODE13

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