New Club Penguin Game : Bits & Bolts!

Along with the new EPF Field Ops and the Rookie stamps that were added to Club Penguin yesterday, a new mini-game was added to the Dance Lounge!

The new arcade game can be accessed by clicking on “Town” on your map, going into the Dance Club and then going upstairs to the Dance Lounge. You can see me standing next to the new machine!

Bits & Bolts Basics

Bits & Bolts is a math-based game and seems very easy to start with, but becomes much harder when you progress further through the levels, as the blocks start coming faster and faster. To progress in the game, you simply have to click on a combination of blocks that add up to the blue number attached to your mouse pointer.Example

Your mouse pointer has a 3 attached to it, so you can use either of the following:

  • 1 “2” block, 1 “1” block
  • 3 “1” blocks
Getting one wrong

We all make mistakes, and with blocks falling out of the sky, you’re no exception and bound to make a miscalculation from time to time. If you select a combination that goes over the blue number (for example, the number is 6 and you choose 3, 2, 2), you will see a red “X” appear on the screen and the robot on the left will release a new set of blocks to fall! Be careful!

Leveling Up

If you eliminate all of the blocks on the screen before a new set falls down, you get to the next level. Non-members are limited to level 5, but member penguins can continue on. The blocks start coming faster and faster and more block numbers become available. This does two things, it makes adding the blocks up easier because you have more numbers to work with, but the secondary goal of building bots harder as there are likely less of the blocks that you need.

Special Blocks

There is a special type of block that you’ll see from time to time called the “Blast Ball”.

The ball will either contain a “+” or “-” sign inside it and all you have to do is click the block by itself and it will remove a few blocks on the screen. Sometimes it’s best to wait until you’re in trouble before using one of these!

Game Over

The game ends when the entire screen is filled with blocks and you don’t eliminate any more before another set is released. This is different than Tetris-style games, as you are allowed to fill up multiple columns and the game will start filling the other columns until the entire screen is full.

Advanced Bits & Bolts

There’s a secondary goal when playing the game that indirectly helps you achieve the primary goal of getting to later levels in the game, which is the bot builder window on the lower right side. To build the bot, you need to look at the orange box that tells you what parts can be used to build the bot.

If it tells you that you can use “3 only”, then keep in mind that if you have a blue number that is a multiple of 3 (3,6,9,12,etc.), try to use only the “3” blocks to complete it. If you include any other numbered blocks other than what it lists in the orange box, none of them will count. For example if it said “3 only” and you had to make “12” and you chose 3+3+3+2+1, none would be credited to the bot build.

As shown on the right, sometimes the game will give you more options to build the bot. While the box tells you that you can use “2” blocks, “4” blocks or “6” blocks, you still must hit the target number with either all “2” blocks, all “4” blocks or all “6” blocks to get credit for the bot build.

Once you complete a bot, the game will start using smaller numbers, making it easier for you to get further in the game.


The best strategy is to think very quickly and use small numbers to add up to the blue target number. If your target is “9”, you could choose 5+4, but you could also choose 2+2+2+2+1. The first one would eliminate two blocks, but the second would eliminate 5!

If there’s a lot of blocks on the screen, don’t be afraid to quickly click on all of the “1” blocks to add up to your target of 7,8,9,10 or higher just to eliminate a good chunk all at once!

Bits & Bolts Stamps

Club Penguin hasn’t added any Bits & Bolts stamps to our stamp books yet, but we will see them very soon. Of course, there will be a group of stamps that is for members-only, as the game is members-only after level 5. We’ll have to wait and see what the stamps look like and what you’ll have to do to get them!

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