Club Penguin Blog: What’s New in May, June 2011

Since we’re all keeping a close eye on the Club Penguin Community Blog after the release of the Club Penguin Beta Team, there’s a new post by Billybob about what’s coming up for May and June 2011.

Of course, as the Club Penguin Times mentioned, we have a Penguin Style catalog coming tomorrow. Billybob also added a few sneak peek pictures that are shown on the left and asks us to guess what we think of them.

To me, it looks like the Medieval Party 2011, Music Jam 2011 and a picture of Herbert!

He mentions something about Herbert planning something later this month, so we’re surely going to have some Club Penguin Field Ops against Herbert, but we’ve heard rumors in our Club Penguin Forum that Herbert might be visiting the island where we could meet him. So far, we haven’t seen any direct evidence of this, but we’ll keep you penguins updated!

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  • eren165

    wowww super go cp insidders

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