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We are currently tracking Sensei on Club Penguin for this year’s Card Jitsu Party! Want to know where he is right now? Visit our “Club Penguin Official Sensei Tracking Thread” here on our Club Penguin Insider forum!

If you see the room listed and log in to Club Penguin and he isn’t there, he may have simply moved rooms (and is likely still on the same server), so be sure to refresh the tracker to see the new location, as it can change second by second! If the tracker says “Offline”, it means that our tracking systems are currently offline, but Rockhopper may be online.

Finally, if the server name has “ES” after it, it is a Spanish server. If it has “PTG” after it, it is a Portuguese server and if it has “FR” after it, it is a French server! Usually, it won’t say anything, so the default is English. If it tells you that it’s a foreign server, just select the language at the top of the page on Club Penguin and find the server!

Click “Full Article” to see the Sensei tracker and more information about Sensei on Club Penguin!

We now have an integrated chat client in our Club Penguin Forum for our members to enjoy up-to-the-minute tracking together without distracting sounds, backgrounds and ads! Only members can access the chat, so join now for free to get in on the fun!

Sensei Tracker [Refresh Tracker]

Official Sensei Tracker

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Room and Server

Sensei most frequently visits: Frozen, Mammoth, Sleet, and Blizzard.

Although he still can come on other servers, he tends to visit more popular servers.

Sensei only hangs out at the Dojo, Dojo Courtyard, Fire Dojo, Water Dojo or the Ninja Hideout, making him easier to find, but those areas become extremely crowded and full very quickly!

NOTE: For the Card Jitsu Party, players have reported seeing him in the Ninja Battle, the member’s-only area, as well.

Player Card

As you can see from him player card, his name is Sensei, he is the ultimate master of Card-Jitsu and is very old and wise.

When you meet Sensei you can click on him to open him player card.

You will know it is him as him character will be making a pose.

You can receive a free Sensei Background by clicking on the gift icon on him player card. The gift icon is the small box on the far left.

Help out

So you want to help out all your fellow penguins and track Sensei with the Club Penguin Insiders team?

If so, please join our free forums here at CPI! Register now and let the tracking begin!

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