Three New Stamps – Explorer, Sensei, Construction Stamp!

We’re still finding out more and more about the Water Party this year and we can confirm that there’s been 3 new stamps added to Club Penguin, as well.

The 3 new stamps are:

  1. Construction Stamp – Join in construction at a party with a jackhammer.
  2. Explorer Stamp – Waddle around all the decorated Party Rooms.
  3. Sensei Stamp – Be in the same room as Sensei.

Of course, if you’re here, you already know about the new stamps and want to know how to earn them.

Note: I had a problem with my cache and couldn’t earn any of the stamps. You may want to clear your browser cache, then quit and restart it and log in to Club Penguin before wasting your time to earn the stamps! It was the only way for me to fix it and I hope that my frustration helps some of you out in advance!

Construction Stamp

The first stamp (Construction stamp) is for all penguins and is easy enough to earn if you already have a Hard Hat or Miner’s Hat and know how to drill with the Jackhammer. If not, here’s what you need to do to get the Jackhammer in Club Penguin:

  1. Use your map and go to the Forest.
  2. Go down the hole (it’s filled with water now).
  3. Once you are in the Hidden Lake, use the door on the left.
  4. In the next room, walk over to the left where the Miner’s Hats are and pick one up.

Now that you have the Miner’s Hat (or equivalent), head to the Dojo Courtyard by using your map and clicking Dojo.

  1. Open up your player card and take everything off and put only the Miner’s Hat (or equivalent on).
  2. DANCE!
  3. You’ll start using the jackhammer and will earn the Construction stamp!

Explorer Stamp

This one takes a bit longer to earn, but I developed a decent route to get you through it as quickly as possible, and you can use it as a checklist to make sure that you’ve visited all the necessary rooms! It’s also members-only, sorry!

  1. Use your map and click Dojo to enter the Dojo Courtyard.
  2. Enter the ninja hideout on your left.
  3. Click the new hole in the middle to enter the Water Dojo.
  4. Use your map and click Forest.
  5. Click the whirlpool on the lower left to enter the Hidden Lake.
  6. Go up the stairs and through the door on the left to the Underground Cave.
  7. Continue through the door on the left to the Mine.
  8. Go through the cave exit on the left to Cave (the pool)
  9. Continue through the door on the left to the Boiler Room.
  10. Use your map and click The Plaza.
  11. Walk to the left and visit Snow Forts.
  12. Keep walking left and visit Town.
  13. Walk left once more to visit The Dock.

That’s it, all 13 locations for the Explorer Stamp! Whew!

Sensei Stamp

Of course, this one can only be earned if you are in the same room as Sensei. Billybob has already said he’ll be around starting this week, so keep an eye on our Sensei Tracker and keep checking the Dojo, Ninja Hideout and Water Dojo for him!

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