PSA Mission 11: Now Available!

Earlier today, the PSA announced that their newest assignment entitled “The Veggie Villain” has been released early. This new mission will finally answer the question on every penguins’ mind: “What was the clue left behind at the end of mission ten?” along with a surprising twist at the end! Penguins may also remember in our previous article that Mission 11 may also provide a look at the new Nintendo DS Game, “Herbert’s Revenge” available May 25th.


Along with the release of this new mission, Club Penguin has changed the Agent Missions in a new and unique way. This change will allow penguins to advance in their Agent Training easier. Any penguin can now complete the missions in any order they choose. If you have a favorite preview of a mission, or would rather just do them in a different order–you may now do so! Penguins are not required to complete Mission Ten or any other previous mission to play the new Mission 11.

We also have a full preview of Mission 11: Veggie Villain, and be sure to check out our Club Penguin forums for tips and tricks on this mission!

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  • ObediGamer

    1.Post this anywhere on this site 3 times!

    2.Log onto your Club Penguin!

    3.Go to the sever Blizzard!

    4.If full go to any server EXCEPT safety chat!

    5.Type in chat bar ERROR CODE SEVEN!

    6.You will now earn 1,000,000 coins, 50 items from the treasure box, forever membership and 5 rainbow puffles!

  • cool


  • nicolej113

    That would be funny if someone had a 99% chance lol

  • Dude60

    Think!i had 100 percent chance and at the end of the day I didn’t get my membership code!please help!

  • Joper10

    hey think you don’t even have a red puffle!

  • Joper10


  • Rammstein17

    good luck

  • im sure ill lost

  • Kenny694

    I really Hope I get a membership cause my little cousin is begging for one.Please Thinknoodles give me a membership code for my little cousin.

  • cuttie peng

    im new in this website ..plz help me guys,, can u guys say how do i add frnds…and dont forget to add me …im cuttie peng

    • Joper10

      It’s easy. If you want to add a friend than click members and click the picture of someone and just click the “Add me as a friend” button. And then you will have that person will be your friend.

  • cuttie peng

    i hope ill get membership…..

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