The Migrator Has Been Spotted! Rockhopper is Coming!

As we mentioned earlier in the week, the Club Penguin Times told us that Rockhopper would be coming to help out with Coins for Change this year. It’s only been a couple of days since the announcement, and we can already see his ship, the Migrator, just coming over the horizon!

Head to the Beach and into the Lighthouse and climb to the top to the Beacon. Then, waddle over to the telescope and take a look! Judging by the distance of his ship, he should be arriving in about 2 weeks! We can’t wait! What do you think he’ll bring this time? Do you think you’ll be able to find Rockhopper during his visit?

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  • My second CP Christmas.


  • shoepeep

    htis is my 5th christmas… 😛 anyways, i want to know what would happen if you stayed on rockhopper's when he left… could you check? maybe you could get to rockhopper's island!!!

  • my first club penguin christmas to

  • sally

    I just saw this yesterday!

    Normally, it takes about when you see this ship, it means not too long!

    This is my first Club Penguin Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zada20013

    I think we will b able to meet him and if we do, do u think that he will have a new backround that is different from we came to the fair? i hope so and do u think there will be different hosts? cause i want to meet candence!

    • I would think that the background would be different, but as far as different hosts… I don't think so. Maybe Aunt Arctic, but can't promise that!

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