Free Universal Club Penguin 500 Coins Code!

Good morning Insiders!

I checked my e-mail this morning and found an update e-mail from Club Penguin. I read through it and found that there was a free 500 Coins code right in the e-mail. It’s a universal code, so anyone can use it! The free coins code is: DECNLR10

It can be used multiple times, so don’t worry about not being the first one to see this. Go ahead and enter it onto your account! Click “more” for instructions on how to use the code.

Here’s how you use the code:

  • Go to ClubPenguin.Com, click “Play Now”
  • Click the “Unlock Items Online” logo on the upper right
  • Log in with your penguin
  • Click “I have a code”
  • Enter the code: DECNLR10

Enjoy the free coins everyone!

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  • Roselyn

    Here is another code!It’s STAYSAFE you get a cool laptop on clubpenguin

  • crazychicken

    yay wooohooooooooo freeeeee money!!! i am so poor on clubpenguin lol i need more money thankyou for sharing this code!

  • nicole

    woo hooo money

  • lovfreak

    iv got 3 more codes JAZZJAKE is one another is 3CARAMEL and the last one is LOVESNOW

  • jerk


  • imawesomegirl

    Hey Guys There Is more Codes Pumpkkin1, Freehood enjoy em

  • danigirl

    i need more codes ive put them ALL in 🙁

  • anas al9ba7

    there are acode name :mmcode12

  • c0dE f0r EvErYoNe

    i have some code not use if you want call me on yahoo : benten_beoi this comment in on october 23 2011

  • pumpkin 1 is another code it unlocks a real cool pumpkin head for halloween. Enjoy

  • Heres another code for you guys it is: pumpkin1 it unlocks a really cool pumpkin head. Enjoy!

  • Zake123

    Hey guys! Here's two more! JUNNLR11 and FREEHOOD

  • It's really work. thx for everybody tell the code here



    • 775cv

      its not universal

  • kaniann15 must of typed it wrong.

  • slippy710

    THX IT WORKED!! 8)

  • kaniann15

    I tried it and it didn't work. I'm going to guess that a lot of people used it and thats why Club Penguin made it unusable. But thanks anyways!


    it worked i cant belive it actually worked thank you soo much

  • I hope it works thanks!

  • Kiven9873

    is the coin code used?

    • gabby


    • it hasnt been used you know i am a staff and i know so its revursival next time read the words!!!!!



  • Pencahless

    umm yeah i used it once a long time ago and i tryed it today but it didnt work

  • We have found out you have copied this website : http//

    You shall be banned next year.

    • LOL, we got this by email and we were first to post it.

      I'd like to see you try!

    • Im The Richest

      Huh! u a admin! U can see that with ur name! Im the Richest remember!!! No One Can Be RICHER Than me!!!

  • liz12666

    i like this story

  • coolchic

    this is awesome!! XD

    finally a code worked!

    • Glad to hear it! I think it'll probably only last until December 31, 2010 (since it has DEC and 10 in the code), but we're so happy to be able to help out!

  • Even check YOUR email i checked mine they gave me the code

  • Awesome! Too bad you can't use it more than one on the same account 😛

  • Zada20013

    ummmmmm y r u giving us a FREE code fir 500 coins? i mean i will problay not get it because i was not the first peeps to type it in. i mean when it is typed in 1 time it can never be used again!

    • NoNameShared

      Anyone can use it, it can't expire! So you can get it!

      • Zada20013

        oh ok i didn't no that when i read the post again the i understood thnx!

    • Just like the commenter below. It's FREE and for everyone, go ahead an use it!! 🙂

  • bubblesonice

    Thank you!!

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