Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Cheats

The Mountain Expedition has arrived on Club Penguin Island! Penguins all over are sporting their new Chilly Trek Hats and Carabiner Pins in celebration of the new event. We know why you’re here, you’re looking for all of the cheats, free items, and walkthrough for the party, right? Well, we’re not gonna let you down!

The new Mountain Expedition starts in Ski Village, so head over there and enter through the gate at the top of your screen to get into the Base Camp. Unfortunately, non-paying members can’t go any further and we know you all are disappointed that this is mostly a paying-member-only party. Make sure to grab your free Chilly Trek Hat, in the box on the left of your screen — they are available to all Penguins.


Paying members can move on to make their way up the mountain. The puzzles in the Mountain Expedition are challenging, especially the first Icicles puzzle. Instead of trying to explain it to you, we have a Club Penguin cheats video to show you how to beat all of the puzzles and make it to the summit of the mountain. We’ll provide detailed instructions on what we did below the video.


Icicles Puzzle

This puzzle is very difficult to explain in words or pictures, watch the cheats video for the exact moves on how to get past the icicle puzzle. It only takes a few moves if you know which ones to make!

secret-room-entranceThe Secret Room

The Secret Room is accessed by clicking the crystal rock on the lower right of the screen, shown on the left. You can see the epic secret room in the picture below!


Ax Puzzle

Follow these steps in order to solve the Ax Puzzle:

  1. Put your mouse over the ax on the left (snow will fall on it).
  2. Click the leaves on the left and continue clicking them to brush the snow off of the ax.
  3. Click the ax and continue clicking until it chops down the tree trunk.
  4. Throw snowballs at the “ringing” icicles that will fall and create a path after flipping the tree trunk in the air.


The Summit

You made it to the top! Congratulations! Don’t miss out on your summit flag and free background before heading back down the mountain.. You’ve earned them!


After Your Expedition

Of course, you may want to return to the summit or second base camp or the secret room again during the event but don’t want to have to complete the puzzles again. No problem! Just click the rope ladder at Base Camp to go straight to the summit, or click the red button in the Icicles cave to bypass the puzzles!


We hope you all enjoyed solving the puzzles as much as we did!

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