Club Penguin Fall Fair 2010 Cheats Guide, Walkthrough!

ticket-imageClub Penguin has released the Fall Fair 2010 and Rockhopper has arrived! The Fall Fair is going to be here for about a week, so log in and play some of the exclusive games! You can earn tickets that you’ll need to buy the exclusive Fall Fair items at the two ticket booths on the island. Make sure that you use your tickets before you log out — when you log back in, you’ll have 0 tickets!

There are games all over Club Penguin, at the Beach, Dock, Forest, Cove and Snow Forts. First, let’s start with the items you can buy with the tickets. On the left are the items from the non-member booth, located in the Forest. These items are the Popcorn Pin, Balloon Flower Hat, Yellow Stripey Hat, Fall Fair Background. On the right are the member-only items from the member booth at the Great Puffle Circus (accessible from the Forest): Rainbow Ice Cream, Cotton Candy, Clown Wig, Clown Outfit, Clown Shoes. According to both shops, more stuff will be coming soon!!


As you all have noticed, there are two new party stamps. You can earn the “Food Serving” stamp by serving Pizza at the Pizza Cart and you can earn the “50 targets” stamp by playing “Feed-a-Puffle” at the Beach!


Here’s the cheats on how to earn the “Food Serving” stamp:

  1. Bring up your map and click “The Plaza”
  2. Waddle down to the Pizza cart on the left and stand behind it
  3. Bring up your emotes and choose the pizza slice

Here’s the two member rooms for those that aren’t members : The Great Puffle Circus and the Bonus Game room.



Finally, one of the most important parts about Fall Fair is the return of Rockhopper! His ship, the Migrator, docked yesterday and there’s a few exclusive items that you’ll definitely want. Check our previous article about Rockhopper’s return to Club Penguin! You’ll also want to find Rockhopper before he leaves so you can get the new Rockhopper background. Keep an eye on our Club Penguin forum and our Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker for the most recent information on where Rockhopper is!

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