New Club Penguin Elite Gear – Comm Basic Set!

Club Penguin released today’s Elite Agent Field Op and surprised us with a near set of Elite Gear for us to buy with our medals.

The new set of gear is “Comm”, which means that your penguin will be a communications agent for the EPF if you decide to spend your medals on the whole suit.

The suit is, similar to the Agent and Tactical gear for Elite Agents, members only and will look just like the picture on the left if your penguin is lucky enough to have earned all 12 medals and bought the new gear!

The gear includes:

  • Comm Helmet – 3 medals
  • Sat-Pack – 3 medals
  • Comm Gear – 4 medals
  • Comm Boots – 2 medals

We love the gear here at Club Penguin Insiders, what do you think? Anyone buy it yet?

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  • mippy2128

    I love it

  • flamebo12349

    how can i get club penguin free comm gear

  • lili

    No llego a entender bien esto.¿me lo explican mejor?

  • coolkid

    cool man these cheats are asoume and i no i spelt ausome wrong

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